Lucas – Message From The Guiding Spirits – Dream A Dream – Visions Of Light – 12 January 2012

(Lucas) I have connected to you collectively to give a message to us all.

Dearly beloved souls, we are the collective guiding spirits giving you this message. In the dream state lots of you have encounters with their lives in different times, dimensions and places. You are really traveling in dream journeys, meet beings and see things. You will get information’s that are foremost stalled in your subconscious levels. Some information will seep through and you remember things of your journeys.

Visions of light are revealed to you. New and old states of your being are show to you. Remembering pieces of what a lightworld could be or has been where you where part of. Planets, past lives, family, friends and loved ones that are part of you. It are the uniting pieces of your soul you see and remember. All your soul parts will find their way back in the One you are since you have chosen ascension as your path. United as One they will be again and you will be complete as the One soul that had many lives, names, experiences and assignments in your soul contract.

No longer you need to dream a dream as the visions of light will become thoughts creating reality. You are able to create the lightworld you have been seeing as you are becoming more and more aware of your Oneness and powers. You have been speaking about dreaming the new. You have been thinking about leaving the old, past and the duality behind. You have been longing for your brothers and sisters and beings of light from long-lost times, coming from your skies and from within your planet. All you have been speaking of, thinking of and longing for has ended. It is.

Be as the free united souls in your new lightworld you are all helping to manifest. No boundaries are keeping you to make a leap into the uncharted territories you will explore. You will find the roadmap to that what never has been lost in your heart centre. The road has been shining as a god sparkle in you till the time had come you where ready to see it revealed. The time has come to ignite the sparkle to be a blinding light that mutates all last dark bits. You are the lightbeings uniting as One and Uniting the One to be part of the new humanity making its step on the new dimensional level. Collectively we say to you welcome amongst us as you are reaching the last steps on your ascension ladder.

We greet you dear souls and salute you for your amazing accomplishments. Know we have always been on your side walking the road with you.

Thank you Guiding spirits,

Love and Light,


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