Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Chewy Caramels – 12 January 2012

God said:

To all a good day. And why not? What trappings of the world do you allow to keep you back from having a good day?

So, you’re in a bad mood? Should a bad mood keep you from having a good day, a glorious day, an illustrious shining beautiful day? Why would you allow this?

So, something happened that brought you down. Something you didn’t want to happen happened, and you feel sunk.

Regardless, can you not accept the possibility that you are the maker of your day? If you are in a bad mood, must you be? Must your mood ravage your day? Must events rule your day? Must a word or someone’s sidelong glance at you ruin your day?

The real question is: Must you ruin your day?

There are days when you feel on the outs with everyone and yourself. There are days when you are fed up with everything. Beloveds, can you not be fed up with being fed up? What if I am tickling you under your chin, will you not smile? Why not smile, I ask you?

Of course, your lips and smiling muscles are the same. You are not incapacitated from smiling. It must be a choice you make. Who would choose a day without smiles? Who would deliberately choose a bad day? Who would take a bad day lying down? Who would accept it as if you had no say in how you receive your day?

Do you let someone else or something else choose the day you will have?

You do not have all the say about your life, yet you have a choice to smile. Smile inside, beloveds. Whatever you are going through doesn’t last forever. True, a bad mood will go away by itself, and yet you can shoo it away sooner.

You are always saying you don’t want to suffer, and yet you seemingly gladly suffer through a day.

If you are in the doldrums, get up and out of the doldrums. You can get out of a chair you are sunk in, why not get out of the doldrums?

If you have one kind of mood, you can have another.

Consider your mood like a card you pick from a deck. You don’t like the card you receive? Well, then, put it down and choose another.

Consider your mood like when you are shopping for something. You don’t find what you want in the first store? Well, then, you go to a second store. You don’t have to settle on something that isn’t what you really want.

Consider your mood like a box of chocolates that arrive. You open the box. You like the caramels. The first chocolate you bite into is one of the chocolates with a creamy paste inside. Not your first choice. You don’t have to eat it, or, if you are someone who has to eat every bite, go ahead and eat it and then move along. There are some wonderful chewy caramels in that box. They’re just waiting for you to find them.

When I say choose the kind of day you are going to have, I mean just that. Maybe the day you want is high up on a shelf, and you feel you can’t reach it. Stand on something then so you can reach it.

A bad mood does not have to translate into a bad day. They do not have to be synonymous. Be a quick-change artist. Step into a new mood, and hurry up about it. Get out there on that stage of a day and make your day what you want it to be.

To all, a good day.

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