Lucas – A New StarTrek Series – Explorers – Engage! (short story)- 12 January 2012

The new is coming true as a new StarTrek series is ahead of us. I was astonished when I thought of it.  I have fond memories of the old series from Kirk, Spock, Zulu  and others and the newer series like Next Generations with Captain Picard, Data, etc. There will not be a new Hollywood production film or series.

What I realized is that we are living in a fantastic new series of StarTrek. Yes, we are live in it. This reality series is about a changing planet and all its lifeforms due to energies sent by the great creator of all to end the experiment of duality.  Aliens, or ET, as we say where always in contact with us from different planets, universes and dimensions.

Our history is nothing like we have been taught in schools and universities. You are brought up in a cocoons, dogma’s and belief systems under the control of a group of dark ones. Also Alien races have been finding their way here on Earth as it is an interesting gene pool as well as a beautiful experiment of our God. Yes the One.

We have been used, enslaved in all sort of ways by our so-called leaders, corporate powers, financial system, etc. Yes it is a far too long  listing up of  things of all  negative powers and systems in place.  We have been living an illusion. That is now over as people in all forms are awakening and take rightful  free will power back to choose for a new start.

Empowered by all dished up and disclosed hidden news that is coming by the internet system (first developed for military purposes) and via lightworkers the world is communicating the news. Censorship does not help as a new way to communicate will be found.  Social media do not respect privacy and uses information for intel by governments and corporations. But it not withholds people to communicate and spread news faster than ever before.

Thus became the for control designed system the opposite. The people see  in the news: fraud, lies, undemocratic behaviour and decisions, robbery, injustice, instigated wars, evidence of making and spreading disease, intended food poisoning, etc. The list goes on. Truly all this will be part of our history as the change is coming into the world.

We are born here on this earth to experience the coming shift. As we become the explorers of new worlds in space but in a new dimensional setting. 5D is the aim for earth and humanity and it will manifest this year. People awakened over the world seek your freedom in love and light and  be peaceful in your actions and loving in your thoughts . I just wanna say: Engage!.

Love and Light,


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