Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Dream You Haven’t Quite Awakened From – 13 January 2012

God said:

Beloveds, you see big things in life and you see little things in life. You have even been known to make little things big and big things little.

You transform events into space, and so call them big or little. You categorize. You put events in a slot. Some occurrences that you call big make you happy. Some occurrences you call big make you unhappy. And yet you have designated them as big causes for unhappiness. You categorize. Furthermore, you say B must follow A. What if you did not?

What if life in the relative world were simply made of occurrences? What if your experiences that render you helpless are nothing more than trains going by, and you stand by the tracks waiting for the trains to go by?

Or, perhaps, you are on the train and you see people waiting, and you are also one of the people who is waiting and watching the trains roaring by. You are on the train, and you are outside the train at the same time, the same non-existent time that exists in non-existent space. The idea of waiting is also a concept of time.

The concepts of time and space are self-imposed – and group-imposed — and, yet, these very concepts add enrichment to life. You do love all the ins and outs of life. Furthermore, you love the idea of venturing into outer space where there are fewer encumbrances and all seems new and vast and borderless.

Outer space is closer to the Truth, isn’t it? There is Vastness. There are no borders. You are souls wandering around in bodies in an imagined land. Often life on Earth doesn’t feel real to you, does it? You sense the unreality and artificiality of life on Earth. You observe yourself participating in life on Earth and sense emptiness of it even as you experience the richness of it. What a play on a play of nothing at all but huge Vastness.

You want to belong to the Vastness, and you also want to play in the field of life that seems very real and is not real at all.

I am real, and your soul is real. There is no Humpty Dumpty. There is no shell that can break, for there is, in Truth, no shell at all to break.

Your heart is the tie-in between Heaven and the fictional Earth. Heaven is true, and yet it is not a place. It is spacelessness, and your heart desires the best of both worlds when, in reality, there is no world as such. There is Being, and Being is all.

Earth life predominates when you discover yourself in a body roaming on Earth. A part of you knows that you are based in Heaven. Part of you knows Truth and cannot quite believe it.

So, in all of life on Earth, you are traveling and so finding yourself. Life on Earth is a discovery of the Wholeness you never departed from. What makes you tick when there is no ticking?

And how can you find Wholeness when you are in the midst of it, so to speak, when you are fully whole? You are all of it. You are having a dream that you can’t quite wake up from. You shake yourself, and you say, “Wake up, wake up. It’s a dream. None of it is real.”

And, yet, you fall back asleep into that dream again and again, and you hold it to you, and you don’t want to let it go.

That dream is precious, and yet it is only a dream. All of life on Earth is a dream that goes on and on until you wake up from it, and you know the Great Being that you and I are in Oneness.

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