Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 13 January 2012

You have a certain level of responsibility to yourself, and a certain amount to others. This is a period in your experience when you must concentrate on the whole, and this focus will bring about the necessary changes to you also on a personal level. Your society ticks not unlike the inner workings of a finely crafted timepiece, each of you acting as gears to do your part in keeping perfect time. Without each other, the efficiency of your mechanism will suffer. You are now to enter into a period in your collective journey where you will see just how important you all are to each other. You have never experienced just how well you can all work together to bring about good in your world. Your experience through duality has been based on a continuing separation that pitted you all against each other in a competitive race for survival. This experience is now over for you, your lessons in this aspect of existence completed.
You are now to learn just how magnificently you can all work and play together, creating an ever peaceful and prosperous utopia for yourselves through equal cooperation. This will be a most glorious moment for you when you all begin to realize what you can achieve together. Shoulder to shoulder you will begin to restore your planet to its natural pristine beauty, and arm in arm you will restore the optimum functioning of your societies through a plan of sharing the natural flow of abundance that is inherent in a civilization. Without those of the dark siphoning all of the collective wealth of the people for themselves, you will see for the first time in many eons how the natural laws of abundance operate, and how the Creator has designed his universe to offer you everything that you would ever need or desire throughout your journey of existence.
Events are prepared to be set into motion. All hands are ready to begin operations for the next phase of the overall plan which is to announce our presence to the people of your planet. We await the final green light, and then we will launch our campaign that will bring many changes to your civilization in a short period of time. This will be an exciting time for you, and also a period in your history that will see many challenges for both you as a collective and each of you on a personal level. All of you incarnated in your world today knew before your incarnation that this day would come and with it many challenges. Each of you wanted to be here to experience for yourselves this momentous event in a planet’s history. It will be worth what you have all gone through to reach this point. Your sacrifices will have been well worth all of them.
In peace there is peace, calm and serenity, which creates an environment that all can thrive within and that will allow you to reach such great heights as a civilization. Many of you have never known peace. Even when you’re media is not banging the drums of war, secret military campaigns are being carried out without your knowledge. These drums have not yet been silenced, but will be very shortly in the days ahead. What an incredible difference this will make as the echoes of the fighting will be silenced throughout your planet, and the new energies of peace and tranquility will fill this newly created void.
How far a society can prosper and grow is limitless once the thirst for war and conquest has been quenched. With your planet’s manpower and resources unlocked from military pursuits, these tools will now be able to be used to construct a great society, unmatched in efficiency and beauty by any other period throughout your history. This is a new beat of your drum, and you will all partake in this great endeavor together as a team. All will contribute and all will prosper. What a joy this will be for all of you.
You have all heard tales of your lost cities of gold, and though this is more metaphor than literal, these lost cities were great lands rich in their own unique culture and each a gem within the headpiece which is your mother planet. Your cities will now be returned to the priceless gems they once were and become even greater paradises through our combined efforts here. Many of you have never worked together on such a project that will be so meaningful and bring such joy to your world. Many of you will take great pride and pleasure in devoting some of your time and effort to such a project, and we will share with you the tools and our experience to assist you in this beautiful reconstruction. Many of you will feel like children once again, building sandcastles at the shore. The only limits to your creation will be your imaginations.
We are your Family of Light from the stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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