Meredith Murphy – Letting Life Flow Through Me – 12 January 2012

Star-light_17718I AM a star.  As such I generate light through my focus.  As I AM the eyes of God, of Source, of All-That-Is, my appreciation flows endless amplitudes of light.  As I move into greater transparency with this vastness of my own being, I experience a foreigner’s sense of living an Earth-life and it is as if I came here recently, new to this place and am freshly choosing how and what I wish to experience.

I do not understand many things anymore.  Things I used to understand.  I do not feel negative feelings about them, no–it is that really I just don’t understand.  Or perhaps it is more accurate to say I do not resonate with things so I have no idea how to relate.  This is fine.  I simply turn my attention to that which I do resonate with and allow it to shape my life.

This is a very different way of being within the human template.  Yet it feels natural.  I like it.  I feel a little thrilling energy as I write this.  The clarity of what I am saying here opens me to a certain type of flow–and a jolt of energy, which I know as a “thrill” happens and this experience feels wonderful.

As a star, I have presence in many realms of focus and more and more I simply relate to myself as the sum of all this.  The particulars seem less important the way my atoms in my fingers seem no more important than the whole of my hand.  All of me works beautifully in coherent harmony and knows how to do this as a whole!  How amazing I AM.

In this experience that is now my lens of living in this Meredith-enabled body, I discover that much time and energy has been spent cultivating the costume here!  Relieved of this impulse, I find beauty in so many things I cannot imagine feeling the need for more or new…as more and new is already given so generously everywhere.

And so, wow, there is much to experience!  As the presence I am is wide-open, life is available in deeper, expanded, elevated ways.  I see now that so much of what we experience is dependent on our openness and presence.  As we are increasingly capable of an undivided presence, we experience more.  Of course endless wise souls have written about this, I merely add to their lineage my own direct experience which affirms this, and intend for my happiness to amplify the availability of this experience for anyone who seeks joy and ease.

I AM abundant and rich!  This is not a concept; it IS.

I AM cared for without concern, exactly like the “lilies of the field,” and my awareness of this and my sense of self (absent the illusion of separateness thus any idea of “deserving this” is a non-issue) make this knowing a simple, nonchalant fact of life, a wonderful aspect of truth which I get to experience in human form.  I AM that which enables my human existence here as Source and I AM that receiving Source Energy as love.  I am grateful for the connection.  I am grateful for the blocks to knowing the truth of this experience being dissolved into clarity and delight.

I wish for all beings to know the joy of life.

All that I AM now wishes to ease the suffering of others.  I have resolved my own unhappiness and fed my energy field to abundance.  I continue as an appreciative presence to generate energy and am nourished and resourced as I intend.  I AM a channel of love.  I don’t need to “do” anything for this to happen–it’s natural to let life flow through me–but my intention allows it to take shape as I AM.  So what I know can become part of reality, I intend for it to manifest and I create it within my experience; thus enlarging our experience.  I let life, in all it’s infinite wisdom and abundant love, flow through me, as the aspect of creation I AM.  Shining on, as the One I Am here and now, as love.

Very happy to meet you in this lovely field of light!

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  1. Thats exactly how I feel,thank you for putting it into words today.Lets go!