Visionkeeper – Do You Feel It In The Air Around You? – 13 January 2012

I am wondering if people are noticing new feelings flying around them these days? Sometimes they are very subtle. Sometimes they wash over you and wash you away. I think most are feeling love and a feeling of beauty, a calmness over everything despite all the unrest in the world. It comes and goes and sometimes can be quite startling to our emotions.

One minute we are feeling so magnificent and then it is gone and once gone we long to have it back and all seems one-dimensional and flat. Do not try to hold on to that feeling of exhilaration. Let it go. It will be back over time. It will return for longer and longer until one day it never goes away. It will be a way of life and how wonderful that will be.

We are shifting our consciousness and what you are experiencing are those moments when you leave the 3rd dimension and enter the 4th or 5th. We flow in and out for now for we are not ready yet to leave the 3rd dimension behind. We cannot leave it until our work is done, until we no longer interact with life through our egos, we no longer pass judgment on others but see everyone as equals and as ourselves for we are indeed all one.

What we do to others we do to ourselves. Have we gotten that yet? Are we understanding that concept? Looking at what we are doing to our environment is the easiest way to grasp the meaning of it. If we pollute our waters eventually that pollution will end up spilling out of your water faucets. If we destroy our forests and pollute our air eventually the quality of the air you are breathing will affect you. There is no getting away from what we are doing. It eventually comes home to roost.

So if you judge others or hurt others it is just a matter of time before you will be the receiver of that behavior. Our energies attract like energies. If you are a judgmental person then you will attract the same kind of people into your space. Quite honestly I much rather choose to feel love, be love, give love and, yes, get love. As with everything the choice is ours as to who we will be. I feel love in the air all around me because my energy I project out is one of love. Feel it, flow with it, embrace it, become it and the world will change.

Sometimes we have a day that doesn’t feel so loving. Things just don’t seem to go right. It is normal. Don’t worry. Just sit with the feeling as best you can and try to understand it. Don’t try to run away from it. If you be with the feeling it will dissipate.

Don’t be afraid of any new feelings that seem to blow into your lives. The whole world is trying to adjust to this shift in consciousness. You are definitely not alone in what you are going through. The faster you wake up and accept what is going on in the world the easier the adjustment will become. Resisting it or denying it will only delay your progress that ultimately will come to you in the end.

Take full advantage of the fact there are websites where you can share your experiences, ask questions or just simply read things that sooth your confusion. As I always say we are all in the same ship setting sail into the unknown. But if you build belief in yourself and all that is going on the waters will be smooth.

Soon love will be the universal emotion the world is feeling. The days of hatred and greed and control and deception are all falling away. The change in consciousness will no longer allow it to be. If we wish for this to be the way our world is now then work hard on yourself first. Become the exact way you wish to see your world be and the energy you put into the universe by doing so will speed up the process.

This is why it is so important for all of us to be taking this action, why each one of us is as important as the next. It is up to us to complete this shift. Doing so requires the shift to begin within ourselves first then ripple out to those around us. We can and we will do this. We will lift this loving world up into a new way of being.

Blessings to you all,
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