Gilian MacBeth-Louthan – I Am Eloheim – 14 January 2012

I am He that glides upon the emanations of the past, the present, the future.  I am He that is faster then the speed of light, louder then the speed of sound.  I am He that dwells in-between space and time.  I am ELOHEIM, as I am you.  I come to bring you into awareness of the aspects of yourself that you have pushed away throughout time and space.

In this corridor of time you now enter there is a blending of every aspect of yourself that has been un-embraced.  All of the doings and the un-doings of this life experience that have been pushed into the cellar of your mind, every aspect of this and all earth experiences that you have not embraced.  They all come together at the summit of your human-ness, meeting at the entrance and the exit, the rip tide, the flow and the ebb of your being-ness. Adjoining and conjoining together to awaken the sleeping dormant giant and dragon within you.

It is beyond time for you to stand in the very center circle of every experience that you have known and unknown, and walk forward once and for all to meet them.  They represent all of whom you once were.  In order for you to move forward into totality, into placement of honor, and placement of light – you must fully integrate every aspect that you have not acknowledged, every anger that you have sequestered away.  Every toxic thought throughout existence now takes form and now stands there wishing.

All that you have ever called upon throughout all time and space gathers — to once again invite you through a gauntlet of initiation without giving in to fear, without giving in to temptation, without giving in to anger.  You are asked to love these elements that try and stop you from succeeding, that want to pay you back for calling them up in the first place, that want to gift you with whatever life form you granted them asylum  originally.

It is this portal that you have cried for, that you have prayed for, that you have begged God for.  It is not an easy entrance.  It is as traveling through a black hole, free falling in order to find one’s self.  Then one finds that one has landed upon the island of every experience that one has ever encountered.  Some of these experiences will integrate in your dreams. Others will come through individuals that you meet that mirror this.  You may even see individuals that appear human and catch a glimpse that they are not — as your eyes discern clearly as the eyes of an owl through all darkness, illusions, fogs, and mirrors.  This is the Trans-portal that you enter.  A portal that will take you beyond space and time completely into other levels of yourself.

You enter into what is considered to be an energy field where entire levels of consciousness are transformed and transferred into the next level of their journey.  There is a completion and an un-doing.  There is a movement forward and there is movement backward.  There is a great dark and there is a great light.  For you stand in front of all that God explains itself to be – which is every essence on every level.  Every shade of gray, every shade of white, and every shade of black.  This experience is a completion.  After this encounter is deemed completed, you will no longer have the fractures, the broken pieces, that keep you limited.

via the /quantum awakening news letter from 13 January 2012.

One response to “Gilian MacBeth-Louthan – I Am Eloheim – 14 January 2012

  1. Hello. My;here of late i have frolicked hard in that of serendipity and this message too close to call otherwise. Will this journey start by my finding this message only? I need not be told this dragon,for flinch I have by my own fire this life. And yes,there has been nothing more enslaving than knowing “I Am” and BEing not! The chains of gossamer feel of weighted steel and thus remain that present am. My fair lady in beauty adorn ,what’s a Dragon to do? :-} My love and thanks! Steve……Sir Stephen! (smile)