Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 14 January 2012

I am Horus, and I am here today to tell you of a development in the activities of the Inner and Hollow Earth beings. We are going toward a discovery that has been made in the industries of earth that is incorporating the indefinable elements with those that have already been defined as organic and helpful to your system. Those that are being defined, as I speak, are the ones that will be incorporated into the ecosystem that is in place. Together with the elements that have been defined and seen as being helpful to the climate they will be undergoing a melding in purpose that will bring together the powers of intent and potential to bring about a huge wave of cleansing in the energies of the earth’s atmosphere.

As I bring you this news, I also see many instances in which there are breakthroughs that are already bringing changes about in the minds of those who are investigating this. There have been many sightings of UfOs in the skies and when these particular people on earth see them, they are given many suggestions that materialize in their systems of intellect as reminders of that which they already know. This enables them to bring this to their consciousness and work with that knowledge to bring forth the formulas and intricacies that are springing forth in their laboratories.

As our representatives from Inner and Hollow Earth come to the surface, they bring their own intellect to those who have chosen to be contacted. In their presence there is an energy that stimulates the knowledge to come forth in the minds and hearts of those who are ready for this to come to them. They carry it forth into their work and in so doing they bring forth the technology from which the ‘new’ inventions can come and bring about numerous changes in the ecosystem, and in the operations of the various industrial and political fields around the world.

Yes, I say political, for everything is tied together. When one thing is affected by new energetic changes, then the rest is as well. As you see the changes come forth in the political avenues, so too will you be seeing more and more changes in the financial world, and in all social ways in which earth life has created the kind of life that has been being experienced. As you see the reports in the media of these changes, realize that it is only part of what has been taking place. Also realize that it has been sifted through and only the seeming unaffected parts of the earth system are being affected.

This is what the ones who have been using the media for their own purposes have wanted the people to believe. They are still under the impression that their manipulations are being followed and believed by the majority of the people. However, what they do not realize is that there is a vast underground of energy movement that represents the truth of what is already in place and soon to become obvious to the public. At that time there will be no stopping the progress of truth represented in the media and around the globe, through the people and their communication through the avenues that are in place and very much listened to.

I impress on you all that there is no end to what is to come in the way of truth and interest in what can be settled through the means of love being generated in all directions. Through all avenues of communication, in all matters of earth life and the physicality it is being turned over to the inner guidance, step by step, the realization is being opened up and lived in every moment. As you realize that love is the only energy that can bring about the desired healing of earth and her life on the surface, then you will continue to see a beautiful change taking place.

This is what will change people’s ideas of killing in order to get beyond that which is harming anything. This is what Nancy realized last night as she was applying some salve to a lesion she has. She knew that it is healing it, and that as long as she relies on her own inner guidance that it is what is needed for this step in the healing process, then along with her love generated toward what brought about the lesion in the first place, she will help those cells to return to their original state of being. That is Love, dear ones. Love is the origin all of all there is.

When you think of the healing of the planet, and the healing of the physical body, the only thing that can accomplish it is to bring in the love and allow it to return the disturbance back to love, back to its original energetic identity. All of existence is created from the Love energy. Does it not make sense that to send love to whatever is in disturbance you can heal it? It will bring all that is not in balance with the love energy back to its original state. That is love, my dear ones.

It is a matter of seeing everything in your society, from illness, to destructive forces, to the desecration of the forests and oceans, animal life, all of life on earth, as being healed with love. When you generate love toward something then it is on its way back to its original state of being. Love can be generated forth in so many ways. Through your actions, your intentions, and your thoughts flowing forth filled with love and being matched with your actions.

When you use your power and knowledge of love through the healing practices, potions, oils, etc that are used, do so with the love through which they are generated. Know that you are not killing the cancer cells, the broken bones and chips thereof. Know that as the parasites, the intestinal disturbances, the poisons that are infiltrated through the foods you eat that have been inhabited by ingredients that are not to your benefit, all can be returned to their original state before they were changed genetically to be of a negative influence.

In this world of diversity everything is of benefit to something. With the origin of earth life, when there was anything that was known to be of service to something, if it was not of service to another, then it was respected as such, and not interfered with, or taken into one’s body or life. The harmonic balance was respected and known inwardly to be in place. It is still that way, dear ones. Look around you and see the deep root of anything, and see that it is still that way today. Go beyond the manipulations of the density world and see the Love from which all was created.

Do what you are advised and guided to do to change their influence, and do it with the intent for them to be returned to their original state of love. That is the bottom line, dear ones. From whence you came, so then shall you return. The only enemies you have are those thoughts that manifest as creations of your forgetting who and what you all are, and what you are capable of. You can bring peace, joy and love back into your everyday lives. In that you will be in Love forevermore.

Thank you dear Horus,
Love, Nancy Tate

via  newsletter 14 Jan. 2012


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