Paschalis Kazakopoulos – Master Yeshya – The Next Step & The Soul Star – 14 January 2012

Beloved, allow your hearts to breathe the Christ Light and feel the celebration taking place at the heavenly domes. The Hierarchy of Light has gathered along with the Galactic Federation of the Planets* and head on full action now to planet Earth, transmitting a powerful vibration…

Τhe Star of Birth &
Three Wise Truths of the Heart!
Beloved, open your hearts to the celebration of Love taking place inside you. Open your hearts to your sacred truth, the Light I seeded in your heart. Beloved ones, you are this Light and you need to let it shine now.

The communities of the Light within you are the ones who ask for it now!

The company of heaven celebrates the coming of this Light, the coming of truth in your hearts. Allow the ecstasy and your Love for the Divine to spread in the communities of Light of your own heart. I come in direct contact with you now like never before. You are the bearers of Christ consciousness, lilies in the garden of the Divine.

Now allow your Love to shine and as you do this, the star of birth shines in your heart. The star of birth which guides you through three wise truths. Love, Wisdom and Power!

Beloved, you know that this is a period of change and transition. You have prepared for this period. So now allow these three wise truths of your heart to manifest in your every day reality and lead you to the star of your soul.

The birth which is about to happen within you is the birth of the Christ!

It is the birth of my presence in you! That’s why we celebrate loved ones, because the Light workers, the workers of God’s work receive this Light in their hearts and the birth gets completed in this era in the hearts of men.

The Rainbow Energy & the 12:12:12 Portal
In the outer reality you experience, many changes will happen which will be followed the one after the other, gradually and in a balanced pace, leading the planet to the final alignment.

The energies of Love, of the rainbow are coming now to your planet through the Christ energy to the crystalline grids of the planet and embrace the Earth. This energy will be completed on the 12th of December 2012 (12:12:12).

Like I told you at the beginning of this gathering, the Hierarchy of Light along with the Galactic Federation of the Planets are directed to the Earth transmitting a powerful vibration. It is about the Mahatma energy, the integrated energy of the Divine Source which will secure the smooth transition of the Earth to the fifth dimension.

Beloved ambassadors of the Light, you know in your heart, in your own sacred silence, the truth which is radiated through the Regions of the Light and this is Love. Love needs to manifest on Earth! Love needs to spread everywhere and embrace everything, all that are manifested in existence. This is the Divine Plan and this is the Love of the One!

The Next Steps for 2012:
Manifested Love, Peace, Unity and Togetherness!

Beloved, in the next year you are called to remove all imprints of fear that others have set there for you or you set for yourselves. You need to be released and to release. Peace will be your compass in this journey. The Light in your heart will be the star of your soul which will be guiding you.

A big event will happen in March 2012 which will affect Europe and the entire planet. This occurrence will bring together all groups of Light workers. It is about an event which will unite people like an embrace of love towards existence itself. Prepare for this and prepare your hearts, awakening the flame which burns inside you, giving her Love every day through your thoughts, your words and actions. Let this flame grow in you. This flame is about to spread from heart to heart in the next period.

This is the flame that will claim you as living Sons and Daughters of God!

Beloved ambassadors of Light, you live in times where many have died in spirit and live in matter. This period you are called to resurrect from the dead the souls of truth which exist in them. This work was assigned as a mission to you, the bearers of Light of Christ Love.

At the same time there is great help from all the Masters of Wisdom on multiple levels, from the entire Hierarchy of Light, all the Saints and Wise ones, who work on a higher level for the restoration of truth, justice, peace and love on the sweet earth.
Be attuned, now like never before with this flame which burns in your heart!
Your security and your happiness is in there, nowhere else. Reality is the one which lives in there and that reality will become your own outer reality. Let it leave in you, let it be. Give her the space to expand in other aspects of your life. Allow her to become your sun!

Embodiment of the Sacred Christ Heart!

I am here for you…

I hear your thoughts from the moment you were born…

I listen your heart in the eternity where your Being is…

I talk in your heart…

I speak and all of you hear me…

I am always here beloved!

Let your heart sing the song of your soul, the songs of the divine. Having the inner compass you find the way and you lead with your consciousness those who have lost their compass. Stay tuned beloved ones.

I let this Sacred Fiery Heart, the Living Heart, the Christ Heart to radiate to all of you.

I let my heart merge with yours.

We are One Beloved!

Allow this reborned heart vibrate in you.

Hear her, feel her, follow her while the portals will be opening the one after the other, month by month. As you approach to the alignment, that heart will be feeling my presence more intensively, in every step of yours, in your every word and deed.

The time of return in your heart is here.

This is the hearth you will enter. The hearth of the heart.

She who gives life, to your body.

She who helps to all of your vital functions.

She who shares her Love everywhere and you function as human beings.

This is home.

This is the portal which embodies all portals.

Plosion of Psychological Consciousness: Stay in Love!
Beloved, like I told you before, the coming things don’t need to scare you. Don’t get into fear because simply it’s not Love. Stay in Love and you will see things differently. Fear will lead many of your fellow people in situations of non balanced psychological consciousness, the next summer. Many people will feel a psychological wave of imbalance which will be coming from you as humanity. This needs to be relieved.

The wave that is coming, the Mahatma energy, the Christ energy of the rainbow that will embrace the Earth will transmute all these energies and will open the way for all souls to be taken to their new land, the land of the heart. Through in there you will communicate, through there you will perceive the reality you will be living.

So in order to help in this process, in order for more people to be resurrected in the consciousness of the heart, you need to shine this Light at the areas you live, in your close environment. Allowing the star of the soul to guide you, the core of your heart burning unceasingly with the Light of the integrated Christ, absolutely balanced in your heart. The one which is brought by the spherical consciousness of Mother Goddesses and Father God in union inside you.

Become workers of Peace and Love of Light of your heart and your path will be unfaltering, because you will be walking on the path of the heart and the ground will hold you. The ground which you name as reality.

Through the star of the heart which transmits the Christ energies, I spoke truly,

* Note: The Galactic Federation of Light
An organisation of 200.000 Star Systems which was created million years ago in order to prevent the beings who thirst for power and fear to make wars and occupy other Star Systems. It is an organisation whose purpose is to transmit Light and Love. The Galactic Federation of Light for this quadrant of our Galaxy is located in the Etheric of Sirius.
Channeling from Master Yeshua through Paschalis Kazakopoulos  first published| 21 December 2011
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