Steve Beckow – Ellie Miser – Clone Update – 14 January 2012

My favorite Pleiadian

Ellie Miser is a kind of Pleiadian starseed anthropologist, if you will, who was tasked with studying terrestrial society and feeding back information to people (since Pleiadians are human just like us and one group of our forefathers and foremothers) on what we do and how we think and feel. The Pleiadians are here to assist with Ascension.

She is in the last few weeks or months of life in her second cloned body and is now spending nighttimes on the ships getting used again to her own Pleiadian body, in stasis there. Plen is her life-partner. Am I really having this conversation with you?  I’ll let Ellie tell the rest.

Greetings all:

Just a little update – still here, waiting – doing my “thing” (Love/Light/Balance).

I am doing as well as can be expected for a 30 yr old with an 80 yr old, worn out, cloned body. My only complaint is that my legs are very painful when I am in the process of getting up or sitting down but they work pretty well when I am on the move – slowly, of course! And for the first time in many years, I am on meds for stomach and blood pressure because of the ulcer surgery and blood transfusions but that’s okay – anything that helps the body, I can adjust to.

Home – the Pleiades

I have a strange experience to report – happened last week as I was being driven home by Jerry (my son) from a doctor’s appointment. I was hit by an electromagnetic energy that was quite scary for about 5 minutes, leaving me very tired and drained so I had to take a long nap when we got home.

I felt as if my body was made up of jigsaw puzzle pieces that were being pulled apart, piece by piece, in all parts of my body! I was told later by Plen that it had something to do with affecting the clone matrix cohesion. In simpler terms the clone reacted to an incoming energy in a negative way. I was literally coming apart piece by piece, cell by cell. Plen immediately patched me up as soon as I laid down for my nap. The experience did damage to this body though so don’t know how much longer it will function well enough for me to remain in it.

I was told last night that while I sleep, I go to our ship and put myself into my Pleiadian body so as to become familiar with it – it does not get activated – stays in stasis – but I can access the memories and at the same time, transfer information and memories (reports) from this body to that one’s memory banks. I am glad to know that as I want to keep my Earth memories intact when I leave.

Last night, as I was talking on the phone with my friend who can see and hear Plen and my father, (1) Plen was listening in on our conversation as he always does – he entertained us with projections of himself doing funny stuff like appearing in a pair of overalls like farmers wear – with his thumbs hooked behind the suspenders – and I have a feeling he was chewing on a wheat stalk like farmers do. LOL!

Then he showed himself in a cowboy garb, complete with 10 gallon hat, boots and spurs – I said “Where’s your horse?” He immediately showed himself straddling a little space ship! HA! Space cowboy! No horse.

As my friend and I were discussing how many years we have been waiting to be picked up, Plen showed himself as a very old man, hunched over, wrinkled and with cobwebs hanging off of him! My friend and I were in stitches from Plen’s antics! Was so good to have a laugh! We needed that!

We are having such a strange winter but I’m not complaining – no snow at all this winter! That probably means we will be hit with snow in February or March. Maybe I won’t be here to see any more snow. I don’t mind the fluffy kind that makes everything look so clean and sparkling. Don’t like the kind that is slippery and icy. Most Okies (2) go a little crazy when the roads get wet and cause so many accidents!

I did some math recently – math has never been my strong subject so I have to keep working at it – my last clone lasted 11 months and I figured this one would be good for about 6 months – then by my figuring, the end of December would be the 6 months. I was wrong! I got fully integrated into this one in mid-August, making mid-February the 6 month mark so we will see how close I am this time.

Doesn’t matter – I love it here and will miss the beauty of this planet and the people who have blessed my life with their friendship over the years. I hope I can keep in touch when I am in my Pleiadian body – don’t be surprised if you see a little runabout space ship land nearby with a 7 ft. 6 in. gorgeous blond haired, blue eyed man and a 7 ft. black haired, blue eyed female – that would be me and Plen popping by for a surprise visit!  (3) It will be easy for me to find you – I will just connect with your energy signature – and there we’ll be.

I hope your New Year’s beginning is happy and prosperous – and as the old saying goes, the best is yet to come!

Blessings and Namaste!

ellie (Amppa) (4)


(1) Her friend relays to Ellie what Plen and her father Haiton say to her and describes the images they send.

(2) Ellie lives in Oklahoma with her genius son, Jerry. They can have tornadoes and storms whistling around them but remain untouched by them.

(3) So Plieadians are seven feet tall. OK.

(4) Ellie is actually the equivalent of Pleiadian royalty. Her real name is Amppa.

Just to give you an idea of what Ellie would send to the ships that gave them an impression of our cultural idiosyncracies, here is a cartoon from one of Ellie’s regular posts. I used to wonder why Ellie was involved with the 2012 scenario and yet always sent around things on terrestrial society. Finally she explained to me why. She is reporting to the Pleiadians on it.

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