Ben Arion – Be The Highest Vision Of Yourself, The Rest Is History! – 15 January 2012

Nothing is Random. No Hostile or Negative “extraterrestrial” forces are allowed near Earth, there are “Galactic Councils of Light” that oversee our Spiritual progress and Awakening. They are Acting As midwives in these times of “transition” to guide us to a higher vibration of understanding.

We have guardians in the Sky! No atomic weapons of any sort will be allowed on earth. It’s bold to say this, and you don’t have to believe me.

There are “karmic” Laws in the universe, which the “Galactic Councils” cannot interfere with. Thats why nothing is random or by Chance.

We should not forget that we actually have teams of Galactic Guardians around planet earth and in our lives at this moment, its what people would call “Guardian angels”. This is natural, and we will fulfill this role for other cosmic civilizations in the “future”. Everything is synchronized and interwoven.

Focus on your own Spiritual Path and awakening. Give less energy to “Negative” propaganda, that is outside of yourself. Everything that is happening on the so called “outside” is just a fading Drama. It´s a 3D world falling apart. This is confusing to the mind. So be the “TRUTH” and ground yourself.
(You can get a little inspiration on how to do this, watch the video at the bottom of this article.)

The mindset on earth has been: “Be Afraid and be suspicious”, compared to the New mindset, which is, BE LOVE, BE JOY and TRUST. Of course some will feel it’s naive if someone states that. People are not used to being happy and in total joy. This is how it’s going be on earth, so you can change your focus “starting today”. It’s up to you. Why wait?

Some will hold on to the fear, even when change is happening. Because of “Old programmed beliefs”. It’s like a deep trance state, which is now melting like snow in springtime.

People fear that they will be deceived, but now is the time to “BE THE HIGHEST VISION OF YOURSELF” and focus on the actual “Loving” guardian forces that are here and understand that you are a miracle.

You are a part of an adventure, and you chose to be part of it. There is no outer threat to be afraid of, you can go beyond this by “Following your heart”. I doubt that people love to “Believe in negative things”.

There is NO WAY OUT – THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY IN, and thats through your heart.

This earth society has been built on distorted ideas and beliefs. What really matters in all of this, is the heart within each human being. Alot of people are suffering. I will not go into why they are where they are, because its different for each soul. Everything isn’t what it seems to be, which I’ve said before. We get caught up in what we see with our physical senses, but when we start to feel and see with the heart, and it is not a match with what we see in the physical world around us, it’s really important to “stay firm” and trust your heart. The 3-D Frequency is very dense and illusions are frozen on the surface, and sometimes we get stuck. Melt this frozen river with your heart and let your feelings tell you the truth.

The Heart is intelligent and needs no evidences

Truth IS no matter what beliefs we have in the end. Some people believe in their own “Knowledge” so strong that they really “think” it’s “Truth”. To practice detachment and knowing that your knowledge is temporary is good. It will be replaced with higher and higher truths. Feeling truth is one thing, thinking truth is another. Our ego loves to know things and then think about what it knows. I love the statement “I think therefore I’m confused”.

Our heart has no need of Knowing, it’s more into being truth in the now. To say that “I KNOW NOTHING” isn’t popular from an ego standpoint, its more popular to say “I KNOW so much-Look at me”.

Everything we think we know, we have to let go of. About myself: I don’t know anything more than LOVE. Love is the answer.

People who say “Watch out” they may try to manipulate or deceive you, but you will intuitively feel very simple if something is positive or negative. There is no need to be in fear. Its just a Simple “NO THANK YOU – I can see it for what it is”. See these “attempts” of Negative powers as a Desperate effort to try to “Lure us in to illusion”. Do you fall for that? Sooner or later these things will be obvious to everyone.

I know within my heart that I am here on earth to STATE that we are actually being guided. I was not born on earth by accident to experience some random events. I came with intent, to assure you of that you are “LOVE” and that we aren’t victims of any outer forces. We are The Federation, In human disguise, right now. I don’t know why I write this, but you all have to understand that I’m not writing this to be Correct, but as a statement from my soul.

Teachers of LIGHT focus only on the Positive and don’t feed the “Negative”. I don’t care one bit about the Negative forces out there, because they aren’t important, they have helped us to understand what we “don’t want”, and that is enough. (This is out of love, not ignorance) they will find their way of LOVE when its time for them, I only focus on what I can do to raise my vibration. Its not ego, its your mission. We came to this planet “TO BE THE CHANGE”, how do you be the change? YOU LIVE IT AS IT WOULD EXIST RIGHT NOW! There is not one bit of time to Give focus to any “Negative” force outside yourself.

Some may “translate” this as: nothing will happen if we just sit still and do nothing. I want to say to you, that by Raising your Vibration or Frequency you will effect everything and do things you couldn’t even imagine you could or would do. The Light Frequencies totally change your being and the way you look at and perceive things, it’s like you get a higher perspective on things. We don’t always have that “higher” perspective, and this makes us confused, because we don’t understand why certain things happen.

Instead of running around blindfolded and doing things, which wont get you far, it’s better to “move slowly” and love yourself more and more everyday. Eventually you won’t even care to look at negativity any more, because its not available to your Mindset any more. Its like non-existent. You have switched channel-frequency and this is by choice. Some people may want to “remain” in the channel of “Violence” etc, but we will do all we can to help them, simply by being our highest vision, without force, only through inspiration. We will see negativity in a “higher light” and instead of being dragged down by it, we will transform it.

You can only be “Manipulated” when you are in a state of fear. “Outer” forces want to Make you feel this way in every way possible. And they only succeed if you are out of balance and if you don’t know who you truly are. Ground yourself and practice the “art” of being your highest vision in every moment.

You are working with the Cosmic-Christ energies and the Galactic Councils of Light, you cannot be manipulated if you Are in your Highest vision of yourself. No one knows the whole picture. The loving support we get would “shock” us if we felt it fully. We get stuck in beliefs or the “all knowing Messiah complex” that we forget to feel that we are indeed under “Loving” guidance, these masters, As Ashtar, Archangel Michael, etc are so much more than names, they are divine servants of the Inner-Light.

These are just words, Listen to the silence behind the words. Be strong and choose love. You are protected!



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