Gloria Wendroff – The Heavenletters – Love, Like Cream, Comes To The Top – 15 January 2012

God said:

In the Fullness of Love, We ARE. There is no getting away from it. We are One. We are One lovely Loving One.

In the world, there are many diversions, many by-paths, many digressions.

In the world, as it has been, diverse ways have preempted the evidence of love and put out delusions of other than love. For example, the silliness of war, the silliness held onto as noble, necessary, and only right, virtuous, to be proud of, to be sanctioned, even sanctified. Even so, even war is based on love, love mis-distributed, love held back, love restrained, love forbidden, and that which is less than love made holy. And so wars have even been called holy wars. Does that concept not make you smile a little at the corners? Holy wars! Wars in My Name! Unholy wars taken as holy!

On Earth, where difficulties exist, you may wonder what people or countries are to do when another person or country assaults them. Are they supposed to let themselves be overrun by others as if that were perfectly all right? It is not perfectly all right.

Starting now, love, like cream, must come to the top. Starting now, love must be uppermost. Not a pretense of love, but peace in hearts. You can’t say what another will do, yet you can say what you will do.

Circumvent anger and hostility. Circumvent them in your own heart. Short-circuit them. If love makes the world go round, nothing else does. Pettiness does not. Fury does not.

It is not even that you are to love your enemies, for, with love, there are no enemies. Diffuse the concept of enemy.

Everyone may not love you and value you, yet you, whoever you are, in your heart, are to take the first step. You are not simply a reactor to life. That makes you weak, not mighty. That makes you one step behind. And you are meant to be a leader.

There is much talk about communication. I am talking about communication on the subtler levels. Communication in what is not overt is much more powerful. With the intent of your heart and mind, you can bring peace. First, you bring it to your own heart and mind. You sacrifice your victimhood for peace. When you can know for sure that you have to get rid of animosity, it is not a sacrifice to give it up, I am trying to say that you do not sacrifice your honor by giving up hate. Give it up. You, you, in your heart, give it up. Give it up the same way you put out trash. Why would you ever want to keep hostility in your heart? Your heart is meant to be beautiful. Do you think that hostility is beautiful?

To give up hostility is not giving in. Rather, it makes you victorious.

Long before war arises, find love in your heart to give. If you cannot find that love, then at least do not be bound by hostility. In your heart, do not resist love. Give yourself joy. When you have enough joy in your heart and in your life, who will want war with you? This is not fanciful what I am saying.

I am saying, “Peace be with you.”

I am saying, “Let go of negative thoughts.”

I am saying, “Let go of what has no value.”

For the sake of ego, wars have been fought. For the sake of possession, wars have been fought. And what do you have when you possess?

What is there to lose, beloveds, when you emanate wholesomeness in preference to partialness

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