Visionkeeper – Hold The Light – 15 January 2012

Okay, I am sure some people reading this post are saying “what does she mean hold the light?” Sounds a bit odd I know, but believe me it is imperative we do this, especially at this time.

To hold the light on the planet is to hold love in your heart and your life. To think loving thoughts, to perform loving actions towards others, to feel love in your heart for all, to be rid of your ego, to stop all judging of others, to stop the blame game and take full responsibility for your actions and to stay positive in your thoughts. This is how we should be living our lives all of the time. This is the new life we are being asked to live now so we can raise our consciousness out of 3D into 4 and 5D.

When the mass consciousness does finally shift out of 3rd dimension love and compassion will be what we feel in our hearts and minds at all times. It will be a very exciting and monumental shift and the outcome will be glorious. As with everything, it will take our hard work and deep committment to pull this off. It really isn’t work if you think of the outcome. What a wonderful world it will be to live in.

Even if we were not trying to raise the consciousness of humanity we should be living our lives this way all the time – living our lives with integrity. Today’s television and movies have destroyed our morals as a people. We have no regard for life. We have lost our morals. We need to get them back. Living with love in our hearts and a caring for all of humanity will restore our morals and integrity.

We have been lost for far too long. We have forgotten who we are and how much more we are than we realize. We are not our egos. We are not judge and juror of others. We are not corrupt. These traits have taken over our lives and changed who we are inside.

By nature we are loving beings, compassionate and caring for others, but many have been changed into often violent, greedy, negative, self-possessed beings with little regard for others. The whole dynamic of our world has changed, leading to corruption and a need to control and take what does not belong to us to further ourselves. This is not who we truly are. We have gotten off track, lost our sensibilities and stumbled into dark ways of being.

Now is the time to correct our mistakes and reclaim our lives and become who we know deep in our hearts we are. So we must hold the light for the planet until we succeed in finally raising humanity up into the 4th dimension. We cannot get there if we are still holding judgment in our hearts, feeding our egos or disregarding those around us. We must make it a daily habit to practice being kind and helpful to others, to think only positive thoughts, to accept everyone as being who they are and loving them regardless of their faults. They too are growing and evolving just like you and I.

We need to have loving patience with the world as it struggles to become one. Our love and caring will aid in its progress. Let us be the beings we truly are on the inside. Let’s let our light shine forth upon the world and lift the energy up to a place of well-being and love. Let us hold the light brightly.

Blessings to you all,

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2 responses to “Visionkeeper – Hold The Light – 15 January 2012

  1. Quebec, Canada

    If only religion had been thought that way – in gentle and calming words instead of (what I consider to be) marching orders.

  2. great to see so much positive energy expressed within this! keep up the good work 🙂