Visionkeeper – Observing Life, Not Falling Prey To It – 15 January 2012

Times are definitely going to ratchet up in the coming weeks and months as the dark fights hard to hold onto what they have tried to create for themselves. It is important for us to be like the owl who sits and observes life from its perch. We must pay very close attention to what is going on. But like the owl with all his wisdom we must NOT become involved with what we are witnessing. Do not fall prey to the fear that will undoubtedly be served up on a silver platter.

Fear is a grand illusion of the dense and restrictive 3rd dimension. Do not go there. There is no fear if we are living in our heart and living love. All the turmoil and chaos we see taking place is occurring in the 3rd dimension. It is not taking place in 4th or 5th or anywhere else.

If we invite the fear into our home we have slipped out of our hearts. We have stopped holding the light of love, for you cannot feel both emotions at the same time. We need to be the wise old owls and observe. We need to be able to pick the truth out of the rubble and throw away the lies. We need to know the truth of what is going on in the world. We need to be prepared and we need to know how best to proceed forward.

Yes, there will be a disruption of life as we now know it as we go along on this journey. But if we are prepared and if we are not residing in 3D then we will not have the fear to deal with. All will flow more easily.

To know how to proceed we need to know truthfully what is going on. Being the owl of observance is the only way that can happen. Turn off and tune out the lies and harvest the truth you need to guide you along.

If the SOPA bill goes into effect we may well lose our freedom to cruise the internet for the truth we need. We must take a crash course in waking up NOW and download the truth to be prepared. Once we are awake and know the truth we begin to pretty easily discern fact from fiction. Not always, as they are getting very clever in the propaganda they put forth and how they offer it up. If we become like owls and absorb all truth up to this point we stand a good chance of wading through the muck and mire and finally residing in 4D or 5. So we must get into living from our heart. Seek out the truth on the internet. Walk our talk. And,above all, remain aware and awake like the owl.

Basically here at this site I explain some of the process in awakening and where you go from there. Sometimes I will post FYI’s of what I feel are ‘need to know’ facts to help us see through the lies. It is at times difficult to wade through, even for those well seasoned souls out there. This is complex stuff with many tentacles and is oftentimes so fantastic it is almost hard to believe.

We are living in a very remarkable time. We have lived a grandiose lie of gigantic proportions our whole lives and we are about to witness the lie revealed and our lives change dramatically on all fronts. This is all part of the shift in paradigms and we are the first to play a role in the coming cosmic extravaganza of leaving behind one dimension for the next. It is those who are holding the light and love who will guide the others safely. This is why we are all so needed, why we must wake up and play our roles in the coming weeks ahead.

I cannot emphasize enough that there is nothing to fear. The faster we speed up the awakening the safer we all will be, for they cannot control millions upon millions of people who know the truth of what has been done to them. We are quickly becoming the majority and that they fear more than anything.

So remain being the owl at all times. Take in the truth as a desert plant takes up water. Weed out the lies as you weed out your gardens, and fight hard to become a better person whose heart is filled with love and compassion for all humanity.

I wish to give credit for my owl analogy to the Oracle Report. It is a great site to check on daily for how best to maneuver through each day.

Stay strong, pay attention and be love!

Blessings to you all,
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  1. Very wise words. I found them very comforting. Thank you.