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Montague Keen – Message of 15 Jan. 2012 – 16 January 2012

Lucas : Veronica Keen has answered my mail about the not being published Sunday of the Montague Keen message. It was delayed and published ASAP.

January 15, 2012
My own dear Veronica, I ensured that you were not alone on the 8th anniversary of my passing. The memory is still so painful for you. You relive the shock you felt as you realised that I was leaving the Earthly plane. You pleaded with me, “Monty, please don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.” You understand that it was not my decision. The higher realms decided that I had to go, so that I could prepare you from this side of life, for the role that you now have to play. Though many have done their utmost to destroy your life and your reputation – my blood family behaved abominably – we must not forget the man from Arizona, and the Scottish lady who thinks that what she has been doing goes unnoticed. Nothing escapes justice. Everyone answers for their actions. What you and I are doing was pre-ordained and forecast by the great thinkers of the past. It will not and cannot be blocked, no matter what evil is used. As it all unfolds this year, you will understand the enormity of what you have done. You showed no respect for me or my wife. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 16 January 2012

More people are awakening every day and are beginning to search for and find the clues that are plentiful throughout your world. We see so many of you collecting these clues and putting the pieces together that solve the riddle of your existence and your future ahead of you. Continue to search for answers, and we shall help you further your understandings in every area in which you wish to gain more wisdom.
There is so much more to your reality than meets the 3rd dimensional eye, and one of our tasks as a member of the Galactic Federation is to assist you in discovering these new avenues of wisdom to travel upon. We send you clues, and at times gentle nudges to set you in the direction you expressed your desire in traveling before you left the spirit world for your new 3D adventure. We saw the times when you veered slightly off course, and we helped you reset your compass points and regain the trail. We must always honor your sacred right of free will, and we are careful to not overstep our boundaries, allowing you to make your own choices and travel the paths you so choose. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Conversations With Mikos – 16 January 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

My chats with Mikos are generally more friendly discussions rather than informative talks, but there is some information in this message that both Mikos and I hope you all find useful. The following communication is a product of two separate mornings of discussion between myself and Mikos.  Continue reading

David Wilcock – FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating The Greatest Cover-Up Of All Time – Section Four: The Occult Economy – 16 January 2012

(Part 4 or Section Four : The Occult Economy of Financial Tyranny)
The greatest victory of the Federal Reserve cabal has been the ability to print money out of thin air. Creating 26 Trillion dollars of profits was quite a stunt.
This technology did not come easily. In order to accomplish this, it was first necessary to systematically confiscate all the world’s gold.
Despite my deep involvement in researching these subjects since 1992, I only learned about this aspect of the Federal Reserve agenda very recently — but it is nonetheless of vital importance. Continue reading

David Wilcock – FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating The Greatest Cover-Up Of All Time – Section Three: The Real World – 16 January 2012

 (Part 3 or Section Three : The Real World of Financial Tyranny)
I have asked Svali and other insiders if I inadvertently stumbled over a “ritual site” back in 1990, in Scotia, New York – and they said it probably was.
Let me say, up front, that I do not believe the vast majority of Masons have any knowledge of these activities, nor anything to do with them. I feel it would be grossly unfair to blame them for this. Continue reading

David Wilcock – FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating The Greatest Cover-Up Of All Time – Section Two: The History – 16 January 2012

(Part 2 or Section Two of Financial Tyranny)

In Section One, we learned how the Federal Reserve bankers secretly control an astonishing 80 percent of the world’s income-earning businesses. They have rigorously dominated the media through CIA-fronted programs such as Operation Mockingbird.
This obviously presents us with a major problem. These plans are so well-constructed, so interconnected that it seems almost impossible to believe they exist – or could ever be stopped.
Most people automatically put this sort of data into the category of “supernatural.” If they dare to entertain the idea that this is all really true, they will be paralyzed with unspeakable, sleepless paranoia. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A God Of LIghting Up The World – 16 January 2012

God said:

What need would I have of such a thing as vengeance? Mighty power means mighty love. Love is the power. Love is vast. Smallness is, well, small. It is smallness to think of revenge or of avenging or putting anyone down. I am a God of Lighting Up the World, not dimming it. Certainly, I practice what I preach. In fact, I don’t preach. I don’t make sermons. Continue reading