David Wilcock – FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating The Greatest Cover-Up Of All Time – Section Four: The Occult Economy – 16 January 2012

(Part 4 or Section Four : The Occult Economy of Financial Tyranny)
The greatest victory of the Federal Reserve cabal has been the ability to print money out of thin air. Creating 26 Trillion dollars of profits was quite a stunt.
This technology did not come easily. In order to accomplish this, it was first necessary to systematically confiscate all the world’s gold.
Despite my deep involvement in researching these subjects since 1992, I only learned about this aspect of the Federal Reserve agenda very recently — but it is nonetheless of vital importance.
This secret Western plan for a worldwide “magic printing press” began in 1776 with the publication of Adam Smith’s “An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” — or “The Wealth of Nations” for short.
This meticulously researched 786-page monster document formed the intellectual, philosophical and economic argument behind the creation of the current “free market” global financial system.
It also helped to establish the criteria and reasoning for creating the secret, “off-market” central-bank trading platforms that were backed by all the hidden, stolen gold, beginning in 1944. [I will explain how these platforms work as we go on.]
Several university websites offer a PDF version of this document for download. Here is Penn State’s version:
Though at its core, Smith’s masterwork had positive ideals, intended to create a better world for everyone, most nations of the world now feel Smith’s vision has been wildly distorted and misused within the current economic system.
Many strategies are secretly being used to combat this global crisis — including the trillion-dollar lawsuit mentioned in Part One.
This entire “Illuminati” financial system is finally breaking open and becoming public — for the first time since its inception. Much of what I am writing here has never before been available — except to a very select few on Earth.
Most scholars focus on Smith’s defense of “free market” economics. Smith argued that government tariffs and oversight will restrict economic growth. Politicians can be bought off and manipulated by big corporations, keeping prices high and quality low.
However, without government restrictions, the people will democratically “vote with their wallets” for whatever is best — and in a truly fair and open game, they will ultimately get better products at better prices.
What we are most concerned with is the argument that inevitably arises from studying Smith’s work: namely that no country could legitimately remain on a gold standard if we wanted world peace.
Even if a world leader of typical intelligence could only make it through the first 44 pages of this book, he or she would already have a strong sense of inevitability regarding Smith’s ultimate position on gold. Here are four of the most prominent examples:
First of all, if a country only has a certain, fixed amount of gold, massive inflation is inevitable. More people will be born and they will produce more stuff. That, in turn, forces you to print more money — but you don’t have more gold.
The more money you print, the less gold anyone can actually get for it. This makes their money worth less and less over time. Everyone who has paper money in the bank or stashed in their closet will find it continually decreasing in purchasing power.
This problem would inevitably cause suffering, riots and ultimately mass casualties as the public realizes their money is worthless, and / or other nations refuse to honor their currency — thereby choking them off from needed survival supplies.
Second of all, what if someone within the country feels they either own the gold or could successfully steal it — including the ruling party or some of their minions?
This individual or group — which may just be a warring, pissed-off faction within the overall power structure — could mount a sting operation, take the gold out of the country, bring it somewhere else and then defend their actions with military force.
How hard is it, really, to transport a few thousand tons of this shiny, yellow metal? How many soldiers and guards do you need to kill, in the middle of the night, as your teams swoop in and move it out — in massive shipments?
Thanks to the invention of the wheel, and the inevitable availability of large groups of mercenaries to do the work, you just send in a bunch of guys and haul it the hell out of there. With enough planning and logistics, it could all happen in one night.
By simply moving the gold from one nation to another, by whatever violent means were required, someone could instantly and completely destroy the nation they took the gold from.
Thirdly, if one country has gold reserves and others do not, they become a target for invasion.
Natural human greed and violence would inevitably doom the people in that country to invasion by others wishing to steal it.
The only way to solve that problem is to insure that no one nation has gold-backed currency.
That way the game is fair for everyone… all across the board.
Lastly, any country who does have a gold-backed currency will have an unfair advantage over other nations.
The people of the world will naturally want to invest in a gold-backed currency over any “worthless paper” counterpart.
Therefore, the powerful will only get more powerful, while the weak become systematically weaker.
The “Golden Rule” is “He who has the gold… makes the rules.”
The leaders of the world were told that eliminating gold-backed currency was the only solution to this problem. Then, money could be issued via fiat.
Though the term “fiat” is akin to saying “the Devil’s Pitchfork” to anyone who reads this sort of material, the original idea behind fiat currency was simply that it would be backed by the wealth created by the people.
Adam Smith made this point right from the beginning in The Wealth of Nations — as we can see here in a quote from page 31.
“It was not by gold or by silver, but by labour, that all the wealth of the world was originally purchased; and its value, to those who possess it, and who want to exchange it for some new productions, is precisely equal to the quantity of labour which it can enable them to purchase or command.”
In its ideal form, a nation calculates the actual amount of wealth created by a given nation, and then issues currency in proportion to that equity. With the Internet, this could be openly calculated and audited by the public with complete transparency.
In this setting, no economic collapse ever needs to happen again — and the more motivated a country is to produce wealth, the more wealth it can generate for itself. This, according to Smith’s vision, could not be accomplished with the gold standard.
According to Benjamin Fulford, the former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes Magazine who I interviewed for Part One, fully eighty-five percent of the world’s gold ended up in Asia.
This was due to the mass exporting of fine products that were paid for in gold — by the likes of the Roman Empire and later the Spanish Empire. These empires bought fine silks, elaborate vases, gorgeous china, exotic spices and plenty of opium — and paid for it in gold.
They, in turn, had acquired this gold by various means — including robbing and plundering every nation they could manage to conquer.
For this same reason, by the 1700s it was well understood that in order to create a worldwide fiat currency, Asia was the prime target to invade and plunder. The gold had to be withdrawn and hidden away in order to create this new economic system.
The British Empire, secretly headed by the Rothschild clan, saw Japan as the best option to mount this offensive. It was a medieval country, with very little technology, but a huge population center.
Two southern clans were outfitted by the British with modern weapons, and they quickly subdued the rest of the country. This led to the “Meiji Restoration” of 1868, in which young Japanese people were put in power.
The term “Meiji” means “Enlightened Rule”, and as I said in my original article where I interviewed Fulford about this story, the term is therefore interchangeable with the Western “Illuminati”.
It took time and effort to build Japan up to be a sufficiently powerful entity to invade and plunder China.
Japan was very active in World War One. Great atrocities occurred on an absolutely unprecedented scale, but the situation in the world was no different afterwards. The same tensions still existed and no conflicts had been truly resolved.
The Federal Reserve began on December 23, 1913. The first major spark to begin World War I occurred the following June, when Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the heir to the Austria-Hungary throne, was assassinated — along with his wife.
The assassination was by a nationalistic member of a different country — Serbia. Germany sided with Austria and Hungary and declared war on Serbia and their ally, Russia. Germany’s declaration of war was on August 1, 1914 — and very soon afterwards, it began spiraling out of control.
Germany invaded Luxembourg, declared war on France and invaded Belgium to have an attack point against France. Britain declared war on Germany in defense, and Canada joined the fight.
This all occurred in 1914, and the battle raged on until 1919 — with several other countries getting drawn in along the way.
By 1921, it was clear that nothing had really changed in the world. This degree of atrocity was sufficient to convince Emperor Hirohito of Japan to travel to the United Kingdom and sign a secret pact to create the Bank of International Settlements.
This was the equivalent of the Federal Reserve, only intended to expand into a truly global reach.
The plan Hirohito accepted was also secretly agreed to by many other nations in the world. Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, all the most significant supplies of gold and silver were turned over to the Federal Reserve and Bank of International Settlements and “blacklisted” — that is, put off-market.

When I first interviewed Benjamin Fulford and started hearing about this, I had no other information. I gained much more insight when I was contacted by the two main people involved in the lawsuit — Neil Keenan and Keith Scott.
After this interview was largely complete — and we will see the results below — I found additional corroborating evidence from former City of London banker David Guyatt.
Former City of London banker David Guyatt stumbled into a world of intrigue and danger — including threats to his own life — as he found out what lay beneath the visible plans of the Federal Reserve.
He released his first incredibly detailed book exposing these plots in 2000. By 2002, his knowledge base had considerably grown — and his article “The Spoils of War,” he revealed firsthand knowledge of the group behind the Federal Reserve, and their plans:
The story about what really happened to the loot plundered by the Nazis and Japanese during WWII remains one of the best-kept secrets of the last fifty years. Few outside of the charmed circle of initiated insiders possess any knowledge whatsoever of the true dimensions of what can be described as the biggest cover-up of all time….

By putting the spotlight on Nazi plunder from the very beginning, public attention was diverted away from the industrial scale looting undertaken by Japan’s special plunder teams known as the “Golden Lily.” And it is here that the real story dwells….

Prince Chichibu was the younger brother of Japan’s Emperor Hirohito, and had been named by the Emperor to head the ultra-secret Golden Lily – a secretive group tasked with looting China of its wealth – both government and privately owned hard assets.
Beginning in 1937, with the Rape of Nanking, the plunder teams set to work with a vengeance.
The spoils were far larger than had been imagined. It is believed that 6,000 metric tonnes of gold, plus a bounty of silver and precious gemstones, fell in to the hands of Japan’s imperial treasury as a consequence. [2]
The phenomenal wealth of East and Southeast Asia had accrued over thousands of years — and Japan wanted it all. Over the next seven years the Orient was wrung dry of its precious metals, solid gold religious artefacts and an unbelievable quantity of gemstones.
Most of this was shipped by the Japanese to the Philippines as a collecting point, for onward shipment to Tokyo. However, by 1943 the sea-lanes had been cut by US submarines and the decision was taken to bury the plunder throughout the Philippines….
The quantity of gold and other treasures buried was phenomenal. Japanese cartographers made maps of each site and trusted accountants marked them with three digits signifying the Yen values of the gold, diamonds and other assets buried in each.
A site bearing the designation “777” was valued at 777 billion yen. With 1945 exchange rates fluctuating between 3.50 and 4.00 yen to the dollar, just one triple seven site was worth almost US$200 billion – a king’s ransom by any measure. There were many triple seven (“777”) sites as well as triple nine and lesser sites.
Not only were these figures based on 1945 values — when a dollar was really a dollar – but also when the price of gold was $35.00 an ounce. Today the price of gold is closer to $300 an ounce. But add to this the fact that in the Philippines alone there were over 170 burial sites, and a picture forms of a wealth so unimaginable that it almost defies belief. [4]
[DW: The price of gold WAS 300 an ounce when David Guyatt wrote this article. It is obviously much more than that now.]
With the defeat of Japanese forces in the Philippines in 1945, a project of the utmost secrecy was launched to recover the buried Golden Lily plunder. This project was placed under the day-to-day control of Captain Edward Lansdale and OSS operative Severino Garcia Santa Romana… The CIA would later recruit both officers.
Over the next few years numerous plunder sites were located and the stolen assets recovered. The gold, gemstones and other treasure were deposited in over 170 bank accounts spread across more than forty countries – all of whom were signatories of the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement. Collectively, the recovered loot came to be known as the Black Eagle Trust or fund.
Even to this day the mere mention of the Black Eagle Fund causes unease, and the entire subject remains cloaked in official secrecy.
For example, during a 1999 discussion on this subject, one highly placed banker familiar with the existence and arrangements of this slush fund cautioned: “if you wish to discuss certain aspects of military program finance on the internet, you may be doing so in contravention of several statutes and regulations, both in the United States and in any NATO-member jurisdiction.”….
According to official figures, the present volume of above ground gold stocks is approximately 142,000 metric tonnes.  This, it is claimed, accounts for all the gold mined over six thousand years. [5]  In contrast to these figures, just one of the many “777” Golden Lily sites would have held, using a conservative estimate, upwards of 90,000 metric tonnes. [6]….
…the last word about the involvement of the Trilateral Commission in plundered gold comes from Mr. Goldfinger himself – Severino Garcia Santa Romana. Prior to his death in 1974, Sta. Romana told his wife that he was a senior member (indeed, he claimed to be the head) of the Trilateral Commission — that he said “controlled world finance.”
He also revealed he was deeply involved with a secret society known as the “Illuminati” which he maintained had set in motion a fifty year plan to “corner the major part of the worlds gold supply.” [41]
It is, of course, impossible to verify this claim.
But it can be no more an outrageous idea than that propounded by Cecil Rhodes for his secret society… The [British] Minister of Economic Warfare… Lord Selborne… was a member of the top level “circle of initiates” of the secret society formed by South African gold and diamond magnate, Cecil Rhodes – who founded De Beers….
For [these “Illuminati” plans] to succeed, Rhodes wrote in 1891, to his friend W T Stead, would require “…gradually absorbing the wealth of the world…” [42]  Controlling the world’s supply of gold, platinum and diamonds would undoubtedly be one way of achieving this ambition.
According to Fulford, over 60 percent of the US military in the Pentagon now supports the overthrow of this cabal. The logistics of actually accomplishing this feat are staggering to comprehend.
It appears that we will soon see mass arrests of many key conspirators in this problem by the Pentagon.
This will create an unprecedented housecleaning of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the US government, as well as large corporations, the finance industry, the military and the mainstream media complex — which is largely dominated by a handful of corporations.
I fully understand how terrifying this will be to most people — and there will be incredibly powerful disinformation suggesting it will be a “New World Order takeover” once it happens.

I wanted to get at least part of this investigation posted at the beginning of the weekend. I will not say when the rest is going up, except that in my ideal framework it will be some time this weekend.
This final section will feature the full transcript of interviews with Neil Keenan and Keith Scott — and re-iterate most of what we discussed about this groundbreaking lawsuit.
This investigation you are now reading will therefore be undergoing dynamic updates throughout the weekend. For that same reason, keep checking back and keep reloading every 10 minutes or so as you read, as the changes are likely to be small, but ongoing.
I will notify you once the piece is finished and the dynamic updates stop. At that point — and not before then — you can mirror this investigation far and wide.
I thank you for your continuing support.

I had hoped to have Section Four posted tonight — but I’m at that point again where I’m so exhausted from working to get this up on Friday, and all the updates I’ve done on it since, that I was on the verge of passing out again.
Sleep is a good thing. Therefore, we’ll get a bright start on this tomorrow morning and my hope is to finish it some time during the day.
(Lucas: I recommned reading the original also in a few days as there can still be things added, although David had said he would not after this past weekend.)
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