Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A God Of LIghting Up The World – 16 January 2012

God said:

What need would I have of such a thing as vengeance? Mighty power means mighty love. Love is the power. Love is vast. Smallness is, well, small. It is smallness to think of revenge or of avenging or putting anyone down. I am a God of Lighting Up the World, not dimming it. Certainly, I practice what I preach. In fact, I don’t preach. I don’t make sermons.

Heavenletters are not sermons. They are little tweaks to remind you of love. How could I remind you to love unless I am pouring out love? I am to teach love, and so are you. We are meant to make love possible. We are meant to make it easy for everyone to love. We intend to help everyone rise, not to keep them rooted in anger and retaliation. It is not exactly creative to hit back, physically or verbally. It is not creative to give tit for tat.

Yes, there is ignorance on Earth. One who is ignorant is unaware. One who is aware is not ignorant. What am I to do but to tweak your consciousness toward awareness? What are you to do but to tweak others toward awareness by example? There is no better teacher than love.

Those who do act as you would not wish them to act do not know better. They have perhaps not had the opportunity that you have had to know better. People only know what they know. People can only act from where they are. All My children on Earth are children and are still learning how to live in the world. Only one in darkness can act from darkness.

Rather than condemning another, I ask you to inspire. I ask you to brighten someone’s life. And so I ask you, with all My heart, I ask you to give a higher understanding. That is love. Give unexpected love. Give love even where, from your eyes, it is not deserved.

When someone hurts you, and you only hurt back, what good is there? If your fist is bigger than another’s fist, is that to be proud of?

Better to be proud of knowing other ways than using your fist. Better to know other ways to use your mouth and words than to hurt. Use them for upliftment. Someone who is unhappy wants to pull you down to their level. You do not need to be so easily persuaded to give up your heart of love. Dance to your own flute, not someone else’s.

Is this not something that you are learning in life?

You know what it is to be pulled down in life. You know what it is to be hurt. You know what it is to be punished. You know what it is to be trodden upon. Why would you ever want to give hurt to others? I have to ask you, dear ones, what is the gain? What is the gain in being what you yourself don’t like?

Set an example for yourself then. Be what I want you to be. To be what I want you to be is to be what you also want to be. To be noble, you must be an ennobler. It is not exactly that you are trying to make everyone your friend. It’s not quite like that. What it is is that you are moving towards being a friend to everyone. All on Earth have suffered in various ways, and you have suffered, and now it is your desire to remove suffering from the world. No longer will you suffer suffering. Now, as you deal with others, uplift them and so the world.

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