Lucas – New Financial Developments- A New Wind Is Blowing – 16 January 2012

As we have heard in the news the credit agencies are at it again and did downgrade 9 European countries. The criticism is heard widespread. I think it brings down the crooked system faster. So let them criticise. Let them downgrade.

Also the opportunistic Brits want to make London the world financial centre for trading the chinese Yuan. This is for me a sign that indeed progress is made with the different factions and countries to come to an agreement about a new financial system in which a gold and precious metal and precious stones backed money will be for all to have soon. This will free us from debt and poverty and give us abundance.

In all parts of the world are talks and meetings to  come to coöperation and agreements. Not dividing things but to uniting  is what you see now. Compromises to come to solutions all benefit from is on the increase .  This is the direction is has to go. The old system still is dominating the news but the new is coming true clearly day by day.

The coming new asian dragon year is blowing already a new wind that will sweep the earth as it will change things. Is it worth talking about the crisis and  collapse of the Euro and Dollar for lengths of time? My answer is NO. Let us spent time on the new developments around the world and the positive stuff that is manifesting now.

Hopefully you did learn to leave the old behind. Let the past  be the past. So think and be in the now. A new wind is blowing. Can you feel it.

Love and Light,


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