Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation – 17 January 2012

If your self sacrifices lead you onto new avenues of adventure and wisdom, then they will have all been worth it in the long run. Try to look at things from a higher perspective, and try to see that letting go of the old always makes way for the new. Releasing old habits and tendencies is a very important choice for you to make today, and no one is forcing you to do anything. It is all up to you. We see those voicing their displeasure to learn of the policy in place of the Galactic Federation that stipulates a drug-free work environment, and we understand your confusion at such a rule. We wish to make it clear your ascension is a different matter entirely than working with the Galactic Federation, and these two subjects do not have anything to do with each other in this regard.
Many newly recruited team members will be assigned to stations monitoring and operating highly sophisticated and advanced equipment. Some of this advanced technology involves the direct link between your thought processes and this computerized technology. What we mean by this is that the computerized equipment is directly controlled from your thought processes within your mind, without the necessity of your hands touching any equipment or your eyes seeing any monitors or controls. Considering this, we hope you understand better our policy of recruiting only those who have chosen to make a commitment to keep their minds clear at all times and free of any mind altering substances. The optimum functioning of your brain is of paramount importance when operating and monitoring such sophisticated equipment, as your fellow crew members and crew members of other Federation ships count on the proper operation of these systems.
Try to understand that we, the Galactic Federation, assist worlds who need our help in many important and vital areas including governmental restructuring, environmental purification, geophysical stability, and the removal of all oppressive military forces that often entails doing battle with highly advanced weapons systems. Do you not see how these tasks require minds uninhibited by mind altering substances? Do you not understand how even mild use of recreational drugs can and does affect the motor processes and the chemical and hormonal thought processes of the human brain? If you do not yet understand this, please familiarize yourself with this information that is readily available to you and perhaps you will see things from our perspective. The bottom line is the choice is yours. You can choose to continue your drug use, either for recreational or medicinal purposes, or you can be considered for positions within the Galactic Federation. You cannot have both. Please honor our firm commitment to recruit only those who are dedicated to providing the best possible service to others and the worlds they inhabit.
Looking back at you 3rd dimensional lives once ascended into the higher realms, we are confident many of you will no longer feel a need for such mind altering experiences for any reason, either recreational or medicinal, and once you begin your new lives you will not miss some of the lower dimensional activities you feel attracted to today.
Moving on to matters concerning our mission in your world, we see no way possible for the dark cabal to be able to mount any kind of resurgence against us. They have lost a great number of their military personnel, and their once vast caches of advanced weaponry have now been permanently dismantled. It will not be long until every weapon, either technological or physical, will be shielded from the human race and your planet.
We are prepared to move ahead with our disclosure announcements that will begin to make our presence known to those of your world who have yet to learn of our existence. In time, all will know this reality. As we have advised, many will react very uniquely to this news, and we ask again that all Lightworkers do their part to see to it that those who find it difficult to adjust to the new reality receive the guidance and support you can offer them. We know you can get the job done, and we see so many of you already working very hard in this regard. We wish to thank you once again for your service for the Light and your brothers and sisters of your world.
Peace is soon to be restored to every corner of your globe. Not a single shot from a weapon will be permitted once we secure all areas of concern. No Armed Forces will be permitted to occupy any other countries or territories. We will see to the removal of all these forces that today occupy the lands of another country. In your future, there will be no need for borders of any kind, and one area of your world will not have any more or less of anything anyone else possesses. This is your new economy, your new financial system. There will be an equal sharing of all the resources of your world, and no one shall be excluded from their right to share your new abundance. So many of you have seen such hardships throughout your many incarnations, but we tell you all your struggles are now over forever if you so choose. Choose now if you wish to ascend into the higher realms and continue your lessons and your journey beyond these 3rd dimensional limitations. Choose now to begin new adventures based on more than a daily struggle to survive. Choose this and it shall be yours, and we are here to make certain whatever you choose becomes your new reality.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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