Lee-Anne Peters – Taking A Risk – Creates Change – Reveals Truth! – 17 January 2012

Namaste, I trust you are flowing well at the moment, however, if you are struggling please absorb love and strength from these words to you. They come to you aiming to help, guide or to give you something to reflect upon. Nothing herein is wrong or right. They are simply my thoughts. So make sure your inner truth detector is turned on at all times so you can KNOW within your heart, mind and body what your truth is. Lately many of us have been encouraged to take a risk and step outside of our comfort zone, try new things, try a little harder or stretch a little further. When we move to those slightly out of reach areas, amazing things happen to our spirit – we soar!

We are faced with new experiences, new sense of accomplishment and achievement and a striving to stretch further for our expansion as a soul / spirit. These risks can be large or small. Look around in your day for something slightly out of your comfort zone and see how you go. As we explore new territories we are moving past fear and resistances, which in turn expands our inner power and confidence. As we take risks and start to step outside the box; while honouring our truth and where our heart is, this can cause whole situations and circumstances to shift and unfold. What happens is a ‘domino’ effect, where when we, as individuals step out of our comfort zone, and follow through with that risk, it can effect everyone and everything around us.

Those areas of our life that have been held up superficially or that have come to a natural ending collapse. And this collapsing can cause much distress for those still holding onto the old areas. Surrender and allow Archangel Michael to cut all cords of illusion that are on you, and continue to stretch a little further, work a little harder and take those small or large risks. This is how we start to crumble all illusion in our own life, but it also starts changing the WHOLE. Taking a risk – creates change – reveals truth! Archangel Michael has been SLASHING the lies and illusions these past days!! His SWORD of truth is ruthless, cutting through all cords that are no longer working in our lives…

Ask him to help you if you need it. As we take the risks and step courageously into the unknown we are creating foundations – solid foundations for our future. Call forth that courage and motivation to be your friend as you journey further and deeper. It’s no longer time to settle for less than what you desire, or to settle for an ‘average’ way of life. Choose to stretch as far as you can in EVERY area, and then stretch further and wider. Through this stretching of your limitations you set yourself Free! And when an individual sets themselves free it changes the WHOLE. This is how we change the world.

There is great opportunity for deep risk taking, slashing of illusions and areas of your life that have expired right now. There is also great opportunity for you to stand in your truth and not follow the ranting and raving of others, but to hold your ground, hold your truth and ask Archangel Michael to sever all unhealthy cords between you. The illusions are being revealed in large scale right now… so NOW while this energy is softened and the porthole is opened, step forward and into TRUTH and be aware of illusions that are uncovered.

Journeying forward yielding my sword of Truth, Infinite LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters

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