Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters: More And More World Leaders Are Turning Toward The Light – 17 January 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The incoming and accelerating energies of this current year in your planets history and cycle are calling for an end to all that has been based in the low vibrations and patterns of Living. All that is not of the vibration of Love is falling away, and as such many will find that they are no longer able to find happiness through the typical physical means. As these incoming energies are absorbed by you, your bodies are upgrading and preparing to absorb more pure increments of this energy, and as such your bodies and spirits need the proper Loving care.

We know and understand that it will be difficult for many of you to give up those physical things that have brought you happiness, but we also know that you will marvel at the prospect of feeling a Joy, a happiness that is so much greater, so much more Pure than what your various earthly crutches deliver to you, and the best part is that you will not have to ‘smoke’, ‘play’, ‘watch’, or even eat anything to find this joy, this everlasting Peace and pure ecstatic Harmony; it is freely available to all at all times!

The higher energies never wish to force any changes onto anybody, and if any soul is not yet completely comfortable with giving up what they have used for so long to bring them happiness, then they can gladly choose another Life that does not have to be based in lower vibrations. Of course, by nature the soul would be kept on or close to the vibration of the crutch or thing they were attracted to that lead them to not choose the ascension path, but if a soul who is far along their paths still choose another incarnation cycle, they will incarnate on the exact level of consciousness they were inhabiting on Earth, as your evolution processes are never taken back or stalled, unless by you for your own reasons.

As the old paradigm disintegrates more and more with the receiving of the ever-purer energies, one element of your freedom from the low vibrations is of course, the recovering of your planet from the grip of the souls who brand themselves ‘elites’. These souls have for so long been used to getting their way on any issue, and they would and still do use any means possible to try and get their way. It may be seen as a bit of a scary prospect to admit that your dark cabal can at times be like little children throwing fits, only with money, guns and power.

Though these souls have been referred to as children because of their attitudes, they are in no way any less intelligent than any other soul on Earth [And in fact, neither are children]. In fact, they have used their vast intelligence to assume power through printing fake money that they were able to convince the world was real and the ‘right way to go’. Now, the rest of the world is slowly but surely beginning to realize that they have been deceived for generations.

The 20th century was a very important time in the awakening of humanity, and the era of the 1960s were to be a prelude to the mass coming together of humanity, the coming together that the dark on your world have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent from happening. What must be understood is that all of their control, all of their power has been based in deceit. This is how they have gotten their way on so many countless issues and is how they were able to find the means to control others.

They operate on a system; the foundation of this system is the basic yet very powerful and widely held beliefs by the masses, which in many cases are lies that they have gotten many to take as gospel. Beyond and existing on this foundation, are other, more sophisticated lies that are meant for the more discerning public, and for the more discerning souls they are lying to. The tragic thing is that this system goes on and on, to the very most inexplicably ridiculous lies that many are now seeing through, including the leaders of various countries on your world who they are still trying to lie to and manipulate.

More countries than you would like to believe have been in contact with your extraterrestrial brethren and sistren, and many world governments have been informed of the full extent to which they have been lied to and deceived, as preliminary information before it is shared with all of humanity. Many of the revelations that have been shared with various world leaders, are in fact the very revelations that your dark cabals and families have fought with every inch of themselves to keep from getting out.

If you knew dear souls, the extent of the secrecy that was being kept, against even major governments of your world, you would be in shock and wonder as to just how the leaders of a very few yet powerful countries were able to keep them under wraps. Well, the time of deceit is no more, and as such the majority of your world governments whom you have been hearing and reading about [I think they mean through David Wilcock and Ben Fulford’s recent testimonies] are now breaking their former forced alliance with the dark souls in control of said few and powerful nations.

As more and more world leaders decide to turn against the dark souls once and for all and turn to the Light, they are gradually being grandfathered in to our programs, the programs backed by the Light, by the Galactic Federation along with many other Light-based organizations such as the Ashtar Command, along with Earth’s highest Council of Elders and many, many others; many world leaders are now being brought in and brought up to speed, about how they have been deceived and how they can use their positions to be a steady and useful force for the Light, for the changes that we all wish to see occur on your world.

It is a risky business [for those on Earth], openly working against the cabals, as even in their damaged states they are able to cause harm, depending on the karma of the souls they wish to cause harm to. They also derive their power from the fear of others, and fear was another way that they have been able to keep the genie in the bottle, so to speak. The might of the United States Military is known by many countries and world leaders.

It is known that those souls in control of the most powerful countries of this world will go to any means possible to keep their tight grip on this world and how it operates. Those world leaders who have been working with the Light extensively, are aware of the fact that the collective Light on Earth, which is ultimately decided by all of you on Earth, must be of a certain purity, must be based more in the higher vibrations rather than the lower, before widespread change for the better is invited in and able to manifest on a worldwide scale.

This is where the many of you on Earth who are awakening come in. It is now your jobs to use all of yourself, to put all of yourself and your energies into the ascension and freeing of both Earth and Her populations. While much of Gaia Herself is now beginning to exist in the fifth dimension and higher, Her surface is still kept the most in low vibrations. With the various energy gates that are now being opened in Gaia’s atmosphere and in many of you, your bodies and spirits are reacting to these energy gates and receiving and absorbing the vastly pure Source energy now coming through.

It is now your jobs to not just absorb this energy, but to integrate it and let it flow to all of those around you. You will be surprised dear souls just how beneficial it is to integrate these newer energies and radiate them to all around you, regardless of the situation or feelings involved, be they ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We do understand completely that the Earth experience has been quite difficult and as such, you feel the need to indulge in Earthly things which bring you the happiness that you remember only slightly from the higher realms, but dear souls if you can find it in yourself, if you can find the willingness to turn toward the energies coming in and turn toward the very difficult mission on Earth which requires your full attention and energy; if you can do this than you will find for yourselves even more and even purer bounties once this most difficult phase of your mission is completed.

As always dear souls, you have our Love, support and guidance at all times. It is up to you to call upon us, to ask us to help you manifest those miracles that you have been wishing so very much for in Life, but that still seem to be so far away, so far out of reach. Your dreams are not out of reach dear souls, not by far. With the assistance of the Divine, you will find that nothing is impossible!

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

via http://www.aquariuschannelings.com by Wes Annac


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