Steve Beckow and Linda Dillon – An Hour with an Angel – With Jesus – 17 January 2012

Steve Beckow  : Well, that was fun and I certainly learned a lot. Graham will put up a synopsis and Ellen may be providing us with a transcript.

I was all hep to ask Jesus about his teachings next week, but the consensus is that we vary the speakers so we’ll be discussing matters with Archangel Michael next week.  At some point I’d also like to invite Sanat Kumara, known in the Bible as the Ancient of Days and known to all religions under names like Ahuramazda, Subramanya, Dipamkara Buddha, etc.  Then Ashtar, perhaps Hatonn.   If you missed it, listen to the program here: via

The Host of the blogtalk radioshow is Graham Dewyea, his synopsis is:

We honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by playing an excerpt of his How Long, Not Long speech on March 25, 1965.
Linda Dillon channels Jesus for the rest of the program, interviewed by Steve Beckow.

Jesus tells us the building of the new world begins with us and to commit our hearts to the change that we are seeking.
He talks about how doubt is based in fear. He tells us to do what our hearts tell us.

He talks about his life, that he came to remind people of their potential for love. He says he was indeed crucified, that his family went to France after he died and that his daughter Sarah embraced the people and they embraced her.
He says that he was a full participant in the creation of the Course of Miracles and that the lessons are eternal and valid, but now is the time to bring forward the lessons.
He speaks of karma and that now is the time to ask that all karma be cleansed. He talks about reincarnation and that many have had many lives on earth, and that many of us are Starseeds.
Jesus talks about how when we are in the truth of our being, our mind, and our heart and soul, anything can be forgiven. The biggest obstacle has always been the forgiveness of self and each other.

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