Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Love, Love, Love – 18 January 2012

God said:

No matter what another person does or doesn’t do, you are not to curtail your love. Love is not to be freeze-dried. I speak of the love within you. You are not to cut notches in your heart. I am not saying that you are to spill your love upon everyone or anyone. You do not have to be in love with anyone, yet the love in your heart is to remain intact. You are not to feel that you owe love. You simply are not to deny the full bloom of love in your heart. The love in your heart is independent of circumstances. Be friendly to love.

You are so accustomed to thinking of focused love. I am speaking of the love in your heart. It is to exist. I am speaking of love itself. Love does not have to be focused. It just has to be.

We speak of love here, undefined love, for love cannot be defined, any more than I can be. Love is not to be forfeited. Would you ever want to cut Me off or contract Me or stuff Me away? Consider that I am the same as love. Do not snip off any of the love in your heart. Do not thwart the love in your heart.

Whatever life in the world holds for you or takes away, don’t let it take away love from you. Love in sunlight. Love in rain and snow. Love from the mountain-top, and love from the valley. Love as you drive your car. Love as you walk. Keep love in mind.

You are a Being of Light who loves. Get that through your head. Love is to supersede all. Love does supersede all.

Even when you feel unloving, you can love.

Hear Me.

Love is not to be waited for. Love is not to be hamstrung. Love is to pulse with every beat of your heart. Love is what you are meant for. Love is your purpose. Love. Love your hands and everything they do. Love your tasks. Love those around you, and love those far away from you.

Love is all. Love is all that there is. And love is to be predominant in your life. Love getting up, and love going to sleep. Love even disturbances. Love disturbances. Love what disturbs you so your disturbances will become extinct.

A flower breaks through the soil of Earth, and you are to break through the perceived limitations of Earth.

Consider every being on Earth as a flower growing. Isn’t it easy in your heart to love flowers? You don’t have to pick them all. It’s okay to have your favorites. And yet you love flowers. And so you love.

You are a being who loves. You never needed lessons in loving. Loving was and is your birthright. Sadly, in the world, you were given lessons in not loving, and you learned all too well. Re-educate yourself. Return to your natural state of love. You can do it. To love is truly easier than not loving. Your heart does not want to be barren of love. It wants to be full of love, and you want to be full of love, standing in love, giving in love, following love, endorsing love, giving and gaining in love.

Truly, what else is there to desire? Baubles instead of love? What substitute for love is there? What substitutes for love have you taken into your heart in place of love? Give up the substitutes, and reclaim your love. It is yours. It belongs to you. Open that heart of yours, and make it strong. Your heart can only be strong in love. Nothing equals love but love.

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