Celia Fenn – The Year 2012: Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards, Alignments And New Energies – 19 January 2012

So, here we are in the year 2012, and already half way through the first month of January! What an exciting year it was in 2011, and we have so much to look forward to in 2012!

For me, 2011 was a very busy year in terms of my work and travels, and for the Planet as well, much changed in 2011. In Higher Dimensional terms, the Earth was brought into its final “alignment path” for the great Transformation of 2012. Looking back, this began on the December Solstice of 2010 when the Earth ascended into the Fifth Dimension and was firmly connected to her New Earth timeline. Then, in August of 2011, around the time of the Lion’s Gate in August, the Rainbow Bridge was opened up once again and the Earth began to access the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions of Light and Higher Consciousness. This means that those of us who are taking the Conscious Journey with the Earth are able to access the Dimensions of Archetype, Magic and Master energies in our Co-Creation work on the Planet. These High Frequency energies are not easy to anchor and embody initially, but as we become used to the new frequencies, we find that life takes on a Magical and Joyful energy that many of us have not felt since we were children! Indeed, the New Earth is Rising in our Consciousness and manifesting on the Earth!

In August of 2011 I was in Scandinavia, and I was privileged to be present with Archangel Michael when the Rainbow Bridge touched down on the Earth in the region of the Arctic Circle in northern Finland and Norway. Working together with Family of Light, we were able to access the Magic and the Beauty of Fairyland that still exists in the wilder spaces of Lapland. There also, in the Fjords of Norway, we were able to re-connect with the energies of the Sixth Dimension as the Rainbow Bridge anchored. It has since anchored in many places on the Planet, including Hawaii and Glastonbury and New York City!

I would like to share with you some beautiful images that were taken while I was in Norway and Finland. This is Porsanger Fjord, where we connected with the Fairies and the Elves, and the Trolls, and worked with the Spirit of the Reindeer and the Whales. It was a perfect, calm and magical day, hard to believe that this is the Arctic circle in Northen Norway:

This next image was taken in Finland near Ivalo, at the end of the work together, and to me it is a special blessing. It is a white Female Reindeer who was grazing in the forest with her young calf. White Reindeer are very rare, and this one seemed like a blessing from the Spirit Realm, from the Archetypal Realm of the Reindeer, who are the Keepers of the Energy of Abundance at the base of the Rainbow Bridge in Lapland. The indigenous Sami people know this, and to them the Reindeer are the symbol of Wealth and Abundance.

After this wonderful opening, it was on to the 11/11/11, where the Earth made her final adjustments for the Journey through the “birth canal” of 2012. Yes, the Earth is aligned, everything is on track for the most wonderful “birthing”of the New Earth and the New Cosmic Reality at the end of the year. What will that mean? Simply that all that we have worked for in the last years is in the process of manifesting into Reality. Those of us who have done the work and allowed the changes as the “first wave” are feeling the incredible Joy and Abundance that is entering our lives as we align with the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence that pours through from the Higher Dimensions of Light.

I don’t know where you were at the 11/11/1…I hope it was somewhere wonderful! For me, I was in New York City, and yes it was Wonderful! We started the day with an 11/11/11 Ceremony in Central Park. Here is an image from that blessed ceremony:


Once again, surrounded by Family of Light and helping to anchor the energies on the Earth in the center of this wonderful City. In the course of 2012, Archangel Michael will be working with the “Golden Cities Initiation”. Our Cities are part of our World and our Reality, and they will be brought into the New Earth and their energy will be upgraded and aligned with the New Earth frequencies. The work for New York City began in 2011 at the 11/11/11, when many people came together to lift frequency in New York City and open to the energies of the 11/11/11 portal and the Rainbow Bridge. And, I will be grateful and privileged to be there in December 2012 as New York passes through the “Birth Canal” and becomes a “Golden City” under the mentorship of Archangel Michael.

After the 11/11/11 ceremony in Central Park, it was on to the United Nations Headquarters Building, where I gave a talk and channeled Archangel Michael to a group of people at the invitation of the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation. My Topic…..the Planet after the End of War and the work of the United Nations in this New Earth. It was well received! Then on to an evening 11/11/11 ceremony at the Meta Center in New York and then a wonderful after party at the Alignment Center to celebrate the new energies that went on until 2 in the morning! The up early for weekend seminars to anchor the 5th and 6th Dimensions in New York City! Yes….it was awesome!

So…looking forward…what can we expect from this year? I think that the three most significant events will be the Venus Transit on the 5 June 2012, the Lions’s Gate between the 26th July and 12th of August when the 8th and 9th Dimensions will be anchored on the Earth, and the 12/12/12 and the 21/12/12, when the Earth passes through the “Birth Canal” and is rebirthed finally as the Multi-Dimensional Golden New Earth!

So, fist the Venus Transit. You may remember that Venus Transits occur every 120 years, and that they occur in pairs. Our first Venus Transit was in 2004, on the 8th of June to be precise. I remember that because my birthday is the 8th of December, and it was exactly opposite on my natal chart. The “Twin” transit will be on the 5th of June this year. There are many reasons why a Venus transit is significant, but for me the energy of Venus, the Morning Star, is the energy of Love and Relationship. With the first Venus Transit, the energy of the Twin Flame relationship was anchored and reactivated as we moved into the New Earth energy. Now, with this second Transit, the Light Codes for a new kind of partnership energy are being anchored for the New Earth. This is what Archangel Michael calls the “Divine Sovereign Partnership”, a relationship in which each person is Sovereign and Balanced within themselves and is then able to come into a Sacred Partnership with another Balanced and Sovereign person. In such Unions, there is Balance, Love, Respect and Support. There may be a blending of Soul energy at times, as in a Twin Flame Union, but essentially each partner remains Sovereign. This allows for “flow” in the partnership, for times of blending and closeness, and for times of unique and individual experience. Archangel Michael says that this will be the form of Relationship that will be offered to those who seek Divine Sacred Relationship in the New Earth.

So, in this year, you may find that you will end partnerships in order to “upgrade” your energies and enter into new kinds of Sacred Union. You may find that you are attracting new partners, or different kinds of partners, or you may find that a relationship that seemed solid will suddenly end. These are all possible side effects of the powerful anchoring of energies that will occur in this year and that will be especially felt around the time of the Venus Transit at the beginning of June.

The Lion’s Gate occurs when the Sun moves into Leo, and it also marks the end of one “planetary” cycle or year and the beginning of another. At this time, the “Light Codes” for the Planet are upgraded and new codes for the next year’s evolution and change start to come through. The “plan” for this coming cycle is to upgrade the Earth to Full Multi-Dimensional status by anchoring and activating the 8th and 9th Dimensions, and initiating the “Council of EarthKeepers”,who will be responsible for the Evolution of the New Earth and the Manifestation of the Age of Peace. The Council will be drawn from those who are Elders and EarthKeepers, and they will offer their Wisdom in the Service of Humanity and for the Highest Good of All. Initially, those called and chosen to this Council will work on the Inner and Higher Planes, but this Council will also manifest on the outer levels at some time in the Future.

We can expect that as these high frequency energies are anchored, there may be some turbulence on the material level as well, for these great changes on the inner levels must produce corresponding changes on the manifest level as well!

Then, at the 11/11 the final checks will be run as the Earth makes its approach to the “Birth Canal”. This is what Archangel Michael calls the period between the 12/12/12 and the Solstice at 21/12/12. In this period of 9 days, the Earth will be Rebirthing and will emerge in its Holographic and Light Body form fully as the New Earth. From this moment, the Transformations will be irrevocable and the New Earth will manifest very rapidly.

Everything that has been dreamed and desired that is in line with the Holographic Blueprint for the New Earth will begin to manifest in 2013! Everything that is not will crumble very rapidly, for after 2012 there will be absolutely no holographic “grid” to hold or maintain anything that is not in full alignment with the Earth’s New Purpose!

And…also your New Purpose! In this year and in 2013, everyone will be completing their purpose for the Transformation and entering into their New Earth purpose. You may feel suddenly that you are now finished and complete with many things and that it is time to”move on”. This may be sad, as you let go of cherished projects whose time has completed, or it may be joyful as you move forward into new Dreams and Adventures. Whatever it may be, you can be sure that you have the skills and abilities to manifest all that your Heart desires and to Live a Life of Joy, Peace and Harmony in the New Earth!

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