David Wilcock – Update -19 January 2012

UPDATE WEDNESDAY 1/19: Preparing Section Four and Section Five, and doing it right the first time, has taken longer than I had anticipated. Both of these sections are extensive. In this case it was hard to know how much work there was until I got into it.
There was also a major new development today that had to be included as well. You will laugh when you see it. I must admit these people are very, very clever, and they did make an excellent counter-move.
You do not need to keep checking every 15 minutes. These two new sections will be uploaded in their finalized form once completed and the document will automatically change. I will make it very clear once this has happened.
Once the completed version is done, please feel free to spread it far and wide. You will understand why once we get there. The key ingredients have not yet been given.
Even in the worst-case scenario it should be out some time this weekend, and hopefully a lot sooner than that. This is so important that I have had to take precautions to make sure I do it right the first time.

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