Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – The Secret To Discovering Higher Consciousness – 19 January 2012

“The only way to be happy is to love. Unless you love, your life will flash by.” ~ Tree of LIfe

Whenever something…anything happens to you in life, open your heart to it. Even if you are afraid of it and you have judged it as “wrong”, still go into it fully with a welcome open accepting heart. Otherwise the mind will get in the way and contaminate the lesson your soul is learning. Your mind is fabulous at judging things, and all judgment ends up creating heavy, defensive, fear-based energy in your body. Your heart is a master at acceptance. It is designed to accept everything and everyone as they are. It can melt through any fearful moment and help you understand that everything that happens to you is for your soul’s evolution towards enlightenment. You become a truly powerful being when you can maintain an open accepting heart, and devote every moment exploring life from this welcoming perspective.

What we are really afraid of in life is the unknown. The mind would rather remain occupied, ridiculously busy with a thousand and one things instead of coming face to face with the vast unknown. Yes, the Universe is infinite and this means where you think there is an end, a boundary, there is not one there. There is another world, another sky, another dimension of life to be explored. By simply keeping your attention on the vast limitless exploration of life, you will see that your heart has no boundaries. It can find deep peace with everything and every one. When you can practice this daily for 90 days in a row, you’ll truly step into becoming the master of your life.

Always remember, that which you think is yours is not. Everything is borrowed. All your words, your knowledge, your ideas, your body, your possessions, your desires, all your friends, family, and even your kids…they are all on temporary loan. You don’t get to keep any of these things. The only thing that remains with you when you die is your consciousness, your awareness, that which gives life to your soul. So do whatever you can in this very short time you have on Earth to raise your consciousness. Be creative! Choose to think that deeper thought which makes your heart sing. The highest conscious being on this planet is the one who has the most compassion. The one who can open their heart to everyone, love everyone for whomever they are, and whatever they did.

“And to me, seriousness is a sickness; and the sense of humor makes you more human, more humble. The sense of humor – according to me – is one of the most essential parts of religiousness.” Osho

Take this week to explore what higher consciousness is like by simply opening your heart to each and every moment. Whatever experience is here now, whether its doing laundry, sitting in rush hour traffic, or making love, open your heart fully to the experience. Don’t be half hearted. Breathe the experience fully into your body, feel it moving through the center of your chest, and keep saying “yes”, opening up to what is happening for you. Eventually you’ll reach a moment when you discover God. We always reach God when we don’t shut down, and dive deeper, for it is the limitless love that is at your very core. Try it this week, you’ll be so thankful you did.

http://www.shiftfrequency.com by Gilian first published 18th Jan. 2012 link to article


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