Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 19 January 2012

There is coming for the world a huge turnover of incidents that will mean a newfound freedom for all of mankind. With this turnover, will come many uprisings that will tell those in the world who have held themselves captive in the negative energy that there is another way to look at what they have been doing. It will tell them that there is only one way to go if they are to enjoy a freedom that they have never known. If they do not realize that truth, then they will find themselves slipping into an energy that they have created and it will be shared only by others like them.

As this takes place you all will find that your activities and those of the others around you who recognize that the way to total freedom is through your actions and imaginings, will find more and more the power you have to exercise that which is within. You will step forth into that bright new tomorrow and create it in the image that is prevalent on the scale of the highest rewards.

Those rewards will bring you a clean glowing planet. They will show you what it is that you are capable of, and have forgotten is your life force. You will discover how it feels to create in the energy of freedom and love, love for the planet and each other. As this comes about you will see what has taken place and how long it took to get it to the point where it is, as compared to how little time it will take to rebuild.

It is a glorious world that is in your imaginings. It is time for you to unleash the thoughts and visions that you’ve had for a new world. As you do this, you will be creating an energy of movement in that direction. You will find that as you walk forward in that energy it will be more of a dance, and your songs will be reverberated throughout the universe.

Come to me now and listen to what I say. Come to yourselves and listen to what you say, for it is all the same. You are the destiny of this world as you walk forward in what you will be creating. We, from within this planet, bring to you the remembrances of what you were doing before you agreed to this destined turnaround of who you are. As you walk the new walk, and talk the new talk, it will sound familiar to you. You will find that as you go further it will be as if the script is in your heart, not just in your hands. That is because it is, my dear brothers and sisters.

We have been waiting a long time for this to come forth. Now it is time, and you are rising to the call. With your showing to the world what you believe in, you are bringing back your powers and that is a wonderful example of what is to come. As you watch and see what comes about from this latest of stands you are making, you will better understand why some of your leaders have stood in a place that does not seem to be what we tell you is truth. Watch what comes in the times ahead and you will see a gradual revelation of what has been taking place. You will see what had to be done in order to awaken those who needed the little nudges to arouse them from their slumber.

It has been an interesting nighttime of sleep, and now it is time to awaken and welcome the new sun into your days. Your eyes absorb this sun and as it shines forth from the center of this planet it reverberates with the universal sun and intermingles with its intensity, bringing about a harmonic vibratory tune that is soothing and welcoming to all that exists. It is a wake up song that stirs the hearts of all of you. Time to wake up and get on with your new days of your new life.

We will continue to be with you in any way that we can. We walk alongside you, and one day you will turn your head and see us as we walk with you. You will recognize us as we pass by on the street. You will begin a conversation with one of us as you see us in a store. You will know on some level that you know us, and that will cause you to smile and greet us with the knowing that you know us from somewhere. That somewhere is within your inner remembrance of our lives with you. You will begin to stir the juices of family, and it will be the best reunion you have known.

I leave this greeting now with the utmost love, peace and joy, for you have taken another step toward your freedom and you have done it in love with the power that love creates. Keep on with the journey, for it is uppermost in our lives and in your new life of wonder and incredible creation. Love to you all!

Thank you dear Horus,
Love, Nancy Tate

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