Bill Ballard – Is This Love From The Head Or The Heart? – 20 January 2012

In the recent past I have seen many individuals coming together, thinking they have found their one other – their twin soul – only to get disappointed. This disappointment invariably happens when they believe happiness is related to this other and/or they experience love from the head and not the heart.

When you truly love from the heart it does not matter what another says or does to you or whether or not you remain close to them throughout your life. Although you may feel emotion brought to the surface as a reaction to interacting with another, that which you choose to feel is a personal matter. No one has done this to you.

It is a difficult thing to express to others the feelings of loving fully from the heart if they have never loved other than from the head. Love from the head is a sensation reflecting the attributes of others we have feelings for. It is limited. It is a form of love that comes and goes. It is love expressed from ego and not from the higher nature we truly are.

At this pivotal time of ascension this way of loving is undergoing change globally because true love of ONENESS can only be expressed through the heart.

In past weeks and months I have watched many searching outside themselves for love, for someone to help complete them –  make them feel better – only to have these relationships break up. Those experiencing these breakups are loving from their heads – living from ego rather than truly from their hearts. These breakups are happening because all exterior is an illusion and the illusion itself is breaking up.

The illusion is collapsing. Simultaneous with this collapse something great is going on. True heart love is being born!

In my own experience of Heart Chakra Activation it did take another whom I love dearly to awaken me. Notice I say this in the present tense as it is truly heart-felt love. I still and always and forever will love that other who put me so completely into my Heart Chakra Activation. The love I felt was multidimensional. It was experienced initially in the head (3D) but later moved to my heart (5D) as the depth of love grew and wished to be expressed more fully.

Many are creating relationships and initially experiencing great love only to find them deteriorating in a short time due to the fact we are approaching ascension zero hour. If you experience love for another in order to find heart-love within yourself you must realize what is taking place.

The work must be done by yourself, for your Self, with a focused intent in mind of walking forward in your personal spiritual growth. No one can do this for you though another can help you see what is going on in the deepest levels when you open your awareness.

When you examine your relationships from a greater perspective – when you quit thinking and start “feeling” –  you sense the difference between thinking love and the deeply-felt heart love. You quit thinking about love and allow yourself to feel love. You shift from head to heart.

It is true you can play in both head and heart at the same time but you must be aware of the ego when you do this. Ego-driven thought-based love causes you to get upset with the other. Heart-felt love is unconditional.

You cannot feel love when you are angry at another. Thinking you love someone but feeling mad at him or her occurs when you are in a state of duality and interacting from your head. What you aren’t realizing when you think about love rather than feel it is that the heart-love only feels oneness and wholeness. There is no duality in the heart. There is only love of the One and for All That Is! And the heart is where unconditional love is experienced.

When you are “in love” the whole world is beautiful, yes? Everything is more colorful. It seems like all is in a state of perfection and the energies are heavenly. Right? What is being experienced when “in love” is true heart love – the divinity of all that is and a true state of grace.

This is interior to who you are, not exterior! You are sending forth vibrations from your heart into the universe and that true feeling of love is being reflected in the illusion around you. That  is why love feels so magical. It is quantum in nature. It is a taste of the 5th dimension.

Now let us explore the difference between love from the head and love from the heart. Love from the head cannot maintain the frequency that sustains the magic. Love from the head is ego centered, lustful, controlling – not in the now.  It depicts details of likes and dislikes of others around you. It is dual in nature. It states “I will love you if you do or not do this or that” – if you do what makes my ego happy.  This love is physical, exterior and cannot stand the test of time.

True heart-love is unconditional. It keeps on loving even if another harms you. Heart-love is timeless. Effortless. It has no conditions or expectations. It keeps on going for ever and ever. It loves from the One to the One because that is all that is.

Heart-love is the love of the One True Self. This love of Self begins the path to Oneness as only from oneness can one realize the connection to everything else. This type of love – heart-love – begins the process of ascension, an ever expanding path of the individual back to the higher realms of vibration and dimension. Heart-felt love is eternal and eventually integrates all individual relationships with each and every other fragment of consciousness into All That Is.

All are connected. All is One! Heart-love recognizes this connection to everything and sees all as One. Heart-love is divine love.

Now this explanation is not intended to discount anyone who is looking for love, searching for true love or having a relationship breakup at this time. What I am pointing out is what is going on.  If you have had the experience of finding another and falling in love, or are having this experience right now, realize the gift you have been given. Spirit has given you an external opportunity to activate yourself. But it is up to you to take that magical love you are feeling for another and make it permanent – to create the condition inside you that allows this love to continue even if that other leaves your life.

I mean by this that you take the love felt for the other that is both head (thinking) and heart (feeling), and make it anchor forever into your heart. This is how you activate the heart chakra. You use this love you are blessed to experience and make it your key to ascension! For indeed the love you feel for this other is the love you feel of yourself. It is you doing this! Just recognize it for what it truly is.

What you experience when you fall in love with another flows from a sacred space in your heart. This sacred space contains an on/off switch. It is the key to ascension found within your heart. When you consciously touch with  focused intent this sacred space in your heart you feel a flutter, a bliss, a heart-beat skip. This sacred space is located about the same position in your heart as your heart is within your body. You may feel the sensation of your heart speeding up, of a jarring of your breath, or a dizzy feeling. Everyone feels a uniquely personal sensation when she or he locates this region in the heart.

Although the sensation of finding this heart-space may feel strange initially when compared to experiencing from the ego and head, don’t be scared. Just know your heart is letting you know its sacred space has been found and triggered when you feel these wonderful and blissful sensations! It is the spiritual G-spot (God Spot). It is the magical “tickle spot”.

Now, to live in and from the heart you must move your consciousness from its habitual placement within your head. At times the ego may make you feel scared when you find these sacred portals to higher dimensions within your body.  The ego tends to fear the unknown – of what might happen to you when you enter these hidden portals. Truly, there is nothing harmful that can happen to you because you are truly your consciousness and not the ego aspect which is projecting the fear.

You must shift from head to heart, from fear to love.

Make the jump, as that is the only way to master self. And mastery of the higher levels of self begins in your heart.

For those experiencing the loss of these seemingly failed relationships please see clearly what is going on and take these opportunities given you for your heart  activation. The other person you “felt” you loved so was key to helping you find that sacred space within your heart. Remember where that space is! That “in love” feeling/vibration is the gift that allows you to identify that sacred space.

Use the feeling of being in love for what it can do for you permanently. That other person may have been contracted, soul to soul, for your own activation at this time and to show you where that sacred heart-space is. Find it and turn your switch on!

We each have to do this for ourselves. No one can do it for you. Remember it is not ego if that sacred heart-space becomes known to you and you are able to reside there full time.

It is the ego that moves you from that sacred space back into the head as the relationship falls apart. This switch in the location of consciousness starts you thinking about what was wrong with the other person and/or the relationship. It is a lowered, mostly un-loving vibrational view of the situation.  To reap the benefits of the relationship you must move back to the vibration you felt when you were “in love.”

All you can experience is vibration – a feeling, a thought, a sight or, simply put, consciousness. That is All That Is. It is up to you to choose what to feel and how you experience the world around you. What you think and feel is vibration. This is either expressed (projected outward) or experienced/impressed upon you (coming in from the illusion). The key to controlling the illusion is choice – selecting  the vibrations you choose to put forth (express) to the universe for manifestation (experience).

When you consciously choose to express heart-felt love your manifest experience will be Heaven on Earth. And, of necessity, the opposite is also true. It is a choice.

When an individual functions from the head and is not heart-activated there is a vibration that can be measured and has a factor of x. When the sacred heart-space is switched on the individual’s heart chakra is activated. Science has now proven this. The switched-on heart-space emits about 50,000 times more energy than the original measurement factor of x.

This amplification of the energy field is the goal of heart chakra activation. When accomplished you begin to experience mastery within the illusion. The Merkabah is automatically activated once the heart chakra activates. A toroid-shaped energy field forms and its power can be measured.

After the heart chakra activates it takes a bit more time (maybe a few weeks of staying focused on that sacred space) before the activation anchors. Once anchored a permanent bliss akin to a never-ending cosmic orgasm is achieved. Anchoring results in making  this new state of being permanent.

As the frequency increases in your physical body you will detox old lower-vibrational energies. This detox can occur in any (or all) of the physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies.

There is much to be dealt with as you complete this cycle of numerous lifetimes. The clearing is not simply just this incarnation. This process clears all the old and lower vibrations from your being as you begin to vibrate ever faster. It will be uncomfortable for a time as you shift into the higher frequencies. So expect this. The more trauma you have experienced, the more you have abused the body the more you will need to clear out. The more lower vibrations removed from your field the more higher vibrations and light can be put in to replace them.

Instead of looking at a seemingly failed relationship please realize the golden opportunity given. The love you experienced – when used properly – will show you how to love yourself more fully and completely. For that is the feeling you were experiencing. You felt you were loving another when truly the other was simply an instrument teaching you to love yourself.

Used properly all the love you felt and thought was for this other becomes what you need to begin the ascension process. What must be remembered is the individual that was so loved and has now left taught you how to feel from that sacred space within the heart. That was the gift!

In order for you to use this gift as a tool you must begin to see things in a different way, to take that love, put it back into the sacred space in your heart where it is supposed to be, and amplify it. This process must be done in love and in gratitude if it is to accomplish activation and anchoring of the love frequency within the heart chakra forever more.

If you have experienced a recent relationship breakup then try to re-examine that relationship in this way. That person may have shown you how to love yourself again. See it for what it is! See that love as the gift it truly is!

If you find yourself falling in vibration back into your head the ego will tempt you to believe you hate or are angry or feel hurt whenever you think about the person. That is ego thinking! That is not unconditional heart-felt love! To return to heart-chakra activation remember and feel the “in-love” vibration that you originally experienced. That is all you need to focus on. Just remember and re-create the IN-LOVE feeling and focus on that from your heart. Let All the negative go! Let all the “think-love” feelings of hurt, distrust, pain and ego go. Those feelings must be discarded. Let them go. It is the “In-Love” vibration that is your Gift, one that can be used as a tool for ascension.

Use the BEST and let go of the rest!

If you are are having difficulty activating your heart chakra you must take responsibility for greater focus. Energize your intent. Find the sweet spot in your heart-space and switch it on. Maintain your focus “in” that sacred space! What you will eventually realize (possibly long after activation) is you were just loving you when you were feeling in love with another. The world and the magical illusion you experienced was a result of the vibration you emitted and projected from your heart – what you put out to the universe and Source field. That magic was you despite the fact you were controlling your reality on an unconscious level. Mastery is doing this same thing but doing so consciously, thereby knowingly creating the illusion to be experienced by the vibrations put out to the universe.

Ascension mastery is all about mastery of vibration!

Learning the difference between being in your head thinking you recognize what love is and living truly in and from the heart, sensing these feelings of love, is something we all must learn and be able to define during our self-mastery process.

Truth is only found in the heart. That is where you determine the various levels of vibration. The head can deceive as it views the illusion you experience but it cannot determine your level of vibration. Vibration must be felt. Only by truly living from that sacred space in the heart can you activate your heart chakra and begin the journey of ascension.

I know that there are many other ways to activate the heart chakra and love of another is only one way. Ultimately, heart-chakra activation is a personal experience.

Eventually you will discover that all is only a love for Self (beyond ego) and Self realization is all there is in existence. There is a whole and complete universe within each of us just as we are collectively experiencing ourselves and others as individual fragments of the whole in our exterior universe. It is all a hologram, a Mandelbrot. We are each fragments of the One – whole and complete within that sacred universe within ourselves.

With Unconditional Love for All That IS,
Bill Ballard

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