Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – God’s Blessing – 20 January 2012

God said:

Your dreams are beginning to come true. They are on the horizon. You can see them. Your dreams are sliding toward you. As you look at your dreams on the horizon, you may not be able to see that they are moving toward you. Their movement may be imperceptible. As you look tomorrow, you may well see that they have moved – an inch or a mile. You will see that your dreams have been gliding toward you. Little by little, or all at once, your dreams are coming true. Of course, you are the dreamer of your dreams, and now you are the finder.

You have had the pleasure of seeing your dreams glide toward you. Near-fulfillment is wonderful, for you see your ship coming in. Oh, the anticipation. Oh, the wonderfulness! And all the treasures I have heaped up for you, you will drink of them. There will be no slip twixt cup and lip. You will drink of the cup you have prepared. You boiled the water. You steeped the tea. And you offer the tea you made to the world. You offer the world the pleasure of the tea you have made.

You are riding the ship of life full-blast toward Me, and I am catching you now. Ever in My grasp, I can still say that I catch you now, you, who has ever been in My grip. I have never let go of you. And now you are about to clasp Me in your hand, in your might, in your heart, in your mind, in every minute of your life on Earth as it is in Heaven.

You are My blessing, do you understand? The one I bless is My blessing. You always have been.

And now, back to your dreams. Your dreams are your good fortune. Life is lived in dreams. We can say that life is varied levels of dreaming. Within the dream of life on Earth, you have far-sighted dreams, and you are pulling them to you. These dreams that you are pulling closer to you turn into what you call your future in the world. You are delivering your dreams to yourself. First, you must have the dreams.

Never fear of dreaming too big. You cannot dream too big. Life is made of miracles. Life in the world is founded on miracles. Of course, you are to dream big dreams, and, further, you are to expect your dreams to come true. Why not? Dreams are coming true all the time. Why not yours, beloveds?

And, while you are dreaming what your heart aches for, throw in a dream or two for the world. Or dream for Me. Dream as I dream, and make My dreams come true. How do you know that a dream is yours? How do you know that the dreams you dream are not Mine? The world you live in is yours. It is your world. You have defined it, and now you refine the created world. You refine it with your dreams.

Dreams come true. They are always true on a level you may not yet perceive. The dream is thought, and the dream is done. You are the dreamer of My dreams. Enough citizens of the world dreaming My dreams, and the dreams manifest so that all may see. Even parting the seas is not too big a dream. Even health, wealth, and happiness for all is not too big a dream. It is an about-time dream. It is about time to believe in your dreams and to make your dreams big enough so that Earth is blessed with your dreams. Dream on, Harvest Moon, dream on.

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