Radio Ann – Council Of Twelve – 20 January 2012

Council of Twelve: Trust your connection to Spirit and to All That Is. You can channel. You do channel. All day, every day. Thoughts, ideas, questions, solutions to problems, what to wear. what to say, what to do about this, that and the other thing. All of your concerns, worries, consuming passions, feuds, crushes, the low, the high, the boring, the OMG! We hear it all, we respond to most of it. You hear us talking to you all day long.

It sounds like you in your head. And it is you, because when we talk to you our energies blend. You are an autonomous being. We give advice, you don’t necessarily follow it, and that’s fine with us. We love you lots, but we’re not attached to a particular outcome for you. That’s your call. Whatever you pick, we’ll support it.

Think of us as your team. We tend to be “yes” men. If you want to experience a particular challenge, we’ll help you set that up. When you’re ready to move on and do something else, we’re on deck for that. At your service. Really, you have no idea how big your team is. Angels, we got multitudes. Fairies, devas, ascended masters, check, check and check. Invoke us, summon us, give us assignments.

We live to serve you. So speak to us often and listen to the reply. It’s the voice in your mind, the hint, the sign, the whisper. We do what we need to do to get your attention. The easier you make our job by recognizing that we’re here and in your ear, the better we can serve you.


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