Dreamwalker – Aeterna Celebration – 21 January 2012

Enjoy yourself with every waking moment… there is not another moment like it anywhere in the universe.

I am Aeterna

[My favorite galaxy! How are you doing Aeterna?]

I am fine, you have made much progress since we talked last. It is good to see you reaching out past your bounds and connecting with ALL around you. In small but significant ways!

[I suppose even smaller compared to a galaxy…]

In some ways we are the same “size”, I just happen to be much more spread out from a “distance” point of view, but from a space / time perspective I am only a few light years across. From the right perspective I’m really quite small.

[Can you tell me anything about the people in your own galaxy, Aeterna? Have they been through ascension? How about the planets?]

Yes there are beings who span all levels of experience here. You will find that the third dimension there are actually limited number of planets to host this experience because [idea that beings transition out of this phase fairly quickly]. So from your point of view there aren’t that many “habitable” planets. Ratchet up a notch to other dimensions and you will find many more planets “inhabitable” by beings in those dimensions. Yours included. It all depends on what “level” you’re at.

[Can you tell me if there’s any pain involved in this process?]

Pain is used for teaching in your dimension. Fire can burn, for example. So the transition phase does not require pain because it is not a lesson, it is a process. You are going through this process now… there is minor pain involved, but this is associated with the last of the “lesson” process, not of the “transition” process. You do not need to fear this, as fear too is associated with the “lesson” process.

[How do you expand your experience?]

A very good question! For me it is an almost entirely inward focus, down to the smallest microbe on my planets. I can shift my focus anywhere, and there is life, playing itself out in all its glory! My influence is limited to the passage of the planetary systems within my body, there is an equilibrium and chaos which is maintained, but I have a small degree of influence down to the smallest level because it is after all me. Yet those small beings are unaware that I even exist. Their experience is focused almost entirely externally to the small world in which they live.

[What is the next phase for you?]

For me it is still a long time off. At this moment in space/time, what is happening in your galaxy will be felt by others. Even a galaxy can celebrate, you know.

[Shooting stars, perhaps?]

Exactly!  Good night, Troy.

[Good night, Aeterna, it was lovely talking with you.]

Channeled by Dreamwalker

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Notes: In a previous conversation Aeterna mentioned that “she” was going through the same process we were, so “next phase” likely refers to the next one after the one she’s going through now…

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