Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – All The Good Things – 21 January 2012

God said:

As you come closer to Me, you become more like Me. That’s how it is. When you love, there is nothing to be proven. There is no proof to give, for love is. Be reassured in your heart that you are a being who loves. You know how to love, and you are love.

Whatever you say or do does not alter one whit of My love for you. You could defame Me, and My love does not shake. You could defame Me, and I look at you with My same eyes of love. Do you really think that I have other eyes than the eyes of love?

No assault can reach Me. You reach Me, but no assault does. The slate is wiped clean as you speak. It makes no difference to Me. I hear your rantings. I care about you. I dismiss your adverse words before you speak them or think them. Do not think this means I am indifferent to you. I am indifferent to sticks and stones and to whatever is not the Truth of you. Mumble and mutter all you want, and I wait it out. I hear you at the same time that what you say does not bother Me. I am not thin-skinned. I am not thick-skinned either. I know Who I AM and I know Who You are. It may be that you just don’t know Me and you certainly don’t know yourself.

You don’t have to be perfect. I know you are My Perfect Love, and I do not judge. I don’t even think to judge. It is not a possibility for Me to judge. I know you are learning. I know you are climbing a golden ladder to Heaven.

If I judged, which I don’t, I would not go by your criteria. I naturally see the you that I know you are and can only see you to be. We can say that I cut to the chase. What do I care what clothes you are wearing? What care I about how you are dressed? What care I what you say or what you do when I am nestled in your heart? I know you because I know you heart and soul. Our hearts are never estranged. They never are, and I am well aware of that. You may not yet be aware, yet this is only a surface illusion you may put up between Us. I might even call the illusion frivolous. Whatever is not on point is frivolous.

Of course, I know that all your recriminations and fear of faith are not frivolous to you. They are downright serious to you.

Frivolousness is one thing. Frivolity is another. Let’s have some frivolity. Let’s have some fun together. There is no fun without Me, beloveds. I love to join in. You cannot keep Me out. My laughter reverberates throughout the Universe. Never would I sing a dirge. My singing turns on all the stars in the firmament. Consider the stars the notes I play. You see the stars blinking on and off as the stars dance to My tune.

I invite you to dance to My tune. Sing with Me and dance with Me. We shall vault over the common-day experiences and reach into a treasure-chest of joy, and We shall sprinkle this joy like starlight all over the Earth and beyond. And why would We ever stop? What would ever prevent Our expression of joy and love and peace and all the good things that they bring to the world?

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