Greg Giles – Message from the Galactic Federation – 21 January 2012

The forward is a personal message sent to Greg from the Galactic Federation.
‘Dear Greg, after careful review, additional regional ‘transparencies’ have been detected and these will be removed at once. Also, further non-regional entities have also been discovered and these will also be dealt with by us. Please know we wish only the best for you and we will never let any harm come to you. There are many different sentient and non sentient life forms throughout space and the inner kingdoms, and we monitor and patrol all of these regions. Due to the nature of our work we do attract beings who do not always have your greater good in mind.
Due to the nature of our mission, certain sensitive individuals are targeted as these dark entities wish to gain information that will assist them in their agendas. They wish to monitor communications and gain an advantage in this way, and we do all we can to detect them and immediately remove them from the sphere of any Lightworkers. Be advised we are now in the process of completing an entire sweep of your home and other surrounding areas in search of these beings, and will not stop our efforts until we are satisfied the area is purified of all negative entities. We are here, and we are on guard for you.’
It has come to our attention there are still those who do not see that these messages and messages from our other channels are genuine Galactic Federation communications, and we would like to point out that these messages and the like messages serve a particular purpose and are a key aspect of our mission at this time. All are always free to choose what it is they wish to believe is truth, but we tell you to not simply discount information because it brings to you ideas and concepts that are new and advanced, and even at times once unthinkable. This is the very nature of your new reality. It is a reality far removed from your current limited 3rd dimensional experience. To allow yourself to believe that these descriptions of your new Earth are far too fanciful is to only limit your new creation, a creation you are collectively manifesting each and every minute as you go about your day today and every day.
The sky is the limit for your new world. Dream big, dream the impossible. It is all up to you. Reality is a fluid product of your imagination. Reality is not fixed to certain universal limitations. These limitations are only set by you, the builders of your reality. You are given the materials and the construction site, and now it is up to you to create your masterpiece. Build as grand as you dare desire. You all have stored within your memory banks visions that you believe to be beautiful, to be bold, to be creative. Now you are free to browse through all these wonderful architectural designs and pick and choose until your heart is content and add these many varied arrays to your limitless new home. You may select any materials you so desire, and there is no reason to consider cost or construction difficulties. Your mind is the only construction equipment or machinery you will ever need to design and build your new home within the higher realms of possibility.
The concept of higher dimensional realities and a Creator may be difficult for some of you to comprehend at this time, and all will learn and accept these possibilities in due time, suited for their best possible learning experience. This is how your higher education has been designed, and this is how it has been carried out throughout your journey. The proper time and the best suited means are selected to deliver you the optimal learning environment. Today, many of you are learning of higher dimensional realities for the first time, and special care is being made to deliver to you the best means to facilitate this learning. We are assisting you to think outside of the box and not allow your current living situations to limit your vision of your options at this time.
The universe is full of surprises and new experiences for you, as these are some of the many gifts offered to you by your Creator. What you are experiencing today is merely the beginning, as there is so much more even beyond the next higher dimension many of you will journey to in the days ahead. Think limitless, for this is your gift. Think gorgeous, breathtaking and exciting, for these are your modeling clays and you are free to sculpt any creation you so wish. Everyone has at their disposal not only the tools and materials needed for the creation of your new home in the higher realms, but also all the necessary building blocks to decorate your new world in any way you so desire.
We are your Family of Light from the Stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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