Visionkeeper – Hold On To Love – 21 January 2012

The last few days have been very intense days for many people from what I am hearing. We were smacked hard by yet another solar wave and I truly believe each wave that arrives brings with it information and lesson learning. I also am starting to believe we are not waiting for the shift to come as much as it is already a part of us and we are just trying to adjust and learn a new way of being in the world.

We are the shift and it is well underway.

I am finding my thoughts change now in the blink of an eye and the lesson I believe I am being taught is to not try to hold on to the old thought but rather go with the new one, knowing my decision is a correct one. How can any of us really know for sure? We are all going where no man has gone before. All we can do is try to understand the situation from our hearts and not our 3D minds for that does not work any longer.

We are truly in the process of creating a new world. Right here. Right now. The important thing for all of us to remember at this time is we must go with what feels right and believe in that decision. I believe our gut intuitions are really just our higher all-knowing selves speaking to us and it is important to listen to that.

As I have said before many have lost connection to their intuitions and gut feelings. We need to recharge them as they are our protection and our guide through the chaos of 3D living. Start listening to what your gut is telling you.

The other day I experienced first hand the confusion of my thoughts suddenly switching on me and the tailspin it put me in. I was getting messages from my gut but didn’t completely listen. It took me an hour to wrestle with my need to go with my original thoughts I was having but knowing in my gut I needed to change course. I went with the flow of change, checked in with a dear friend about it and after much support and love, I was able to accept the new thought process and move on.

I cannot emphasize how important it is to share these experiences with someone and to give and accept love as the cement to keep you grounded. These are all new times and new thoughts we must muddle through and sharing them helps immensely. We keep fluctuating in and out of 4D now and it requires us to think very differently – with our hearts and not with our minds. If you are up against something and can’t seem to get to the bottom of it or resolve it, shift to your heart and look at it from there.

We cannot expect to make changes if our minds refuse to accept new ways of thinking and feeling. This is what the shift is all about. Recognizing our thought processes are changing and accepting it for what it is and being willing to change along with our thoughts as well.

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