Wes Annac – What Lies ahead for Earth and Humanity? Wes Annac Scratches the Surface – 21 January 2012

In this forecasting of events to come, I found myself speaking from both the perspective of the Galactic Federation and the perspective of us who are incarnate on Earth. When pondering why this was so, the answer came to me clearly: because I am a fully-working member of the Galactic Federation, while being incarnate here on Earth! Upon review it actually seems kind of simple. 

We have heard many times from sources of information on the coming age of prosperity and ascension, be they channeled or otherwise, that in a quick amount of our fading concept of time our lives will change in profound and dramatic ways. We have heard and read this many times, though I don’t think many of us have truly tried to realize or understand the seriousness and the trueness behind those words. Have many of us who are looking forward to the immediate period ahead of working with our Galactic brethren, have considered all that that entails?

Have many of us put serious thought and consideration into the work we will be performing? Are we ready to pour our energies fully into the releasing of Earth from the low vibrations, on a planetary and collective scale and effort? Many souls have now stepped up and begun to reveal to us our destiny, as much as an outside source can as we must all find our own way, our own place in this world through our own inner search and discovery of ourselves, of our inner Universe of thought and conscious feeling. It helps and encourages us to have outside sources of information on these subjects who themselves have done a great deal of inner searching, and have discovered for themselves not only that the realms of thought and emotion are not realms which are limited to our heads and brains, but are rather expanding fields of the very matter we now exist in, simply vibrating at a faster pace and thus loosening.

Many who have discovered such realms for themselves from a third dimensional point of view have also discovered ascended beings inhabiting these realms, and have discovered that these beings are in fact very vested in the ascension of Earth back to these realms, and (the souls discovering such beings) have thus been able to bring the energies and guidance of such ascended souls through themselves, which serve to give those who are just awakening a bit of outside guidance as they make their unstable and rocky path away from their own lower vibrations and forgetfulness. When I was first awakening, I relied  much on the information of David Wilcock, as well as the guidance of dear SaLuSa.

Through the solid information [that in many cases was undeniable] coming from David Wilcock, I was able to gain a firm grasp on the subject of not only UFOs and the possibility of ET life and past intervention on our world, but as well on the serious nature in which our world has been controlled by the political and fear-based influence of a few select ‘elite’ families on our world who make up a very small portion of the population, but who use the energies of the dark which we on Earth have been driving and feeding, to keep themselves in a constant state of feed; they feed off of our negative energies. The material David Wilcock was and has been putting forth really helped me to grasp both of these concepts together.

The Loving guidance and continuous updates from dear SaLuSa helped me to realize the Loving nature of these ETs, as well as the ability of souls incarnate on this world to telepathically communicate with these Loving, benevolent extraterrestrials by feeling their Loving energies and bringing them through one’s complex, in the form of a written, typed or vocally recorded message. This was before I knew anything of my own nature, past and ultimate destiny, and before I was energetically attracted to the words and guidance of the Pleiadians, a race of benevolent extraterrestrials with which I have come to realize I am a part of.

Without the continuous updates from extraterrestrial and terrestrial souls alike on these subjects, I would have had a vastly more difficult time breaking through my own materialistic shell and awakening to my own destiny. In much the same way, without my own turning within for guidance and insight as to who I really am, the messages of SaLuSa and the updates of David Wilcock alike would have been hollow and needless to me. It was my inner drive to find these truths for myself, which lead me to the energy of SaLuSa’s communications and Wilcock’s updates.

That being said, with updates and forecasts into the future being shared by me tonight, the twentieth of January in which I am writing this article, as always I would recommend turning within to your own guides and higher self for insight on what this immediate period ahead is going to be like. I am simply sharing a perspective that I have gained from extensive, moment-by-moment contact with my own guides and extraterrestrial contacts and allies. It has been shared with me that at first, things may appear to be in a state of chaos. This will be the illusion at its finest, making its final stand before its planned departure and transmutation from this ascending world.

The revelation of the existence of the extraterrestrial presence on this world will break through finally, after generations of setbacks in the form of obstacles thrown in our way by the ‘elites’. Many souls on this world who are very deeply steeped in their own beliefs, religious or otherwise, are going to have a lot of trouble accepting these truths, and much religious-based armageddon theories are going to come to the fore and gain a temporary yet strong influence among much of the population of the world. This will be where the clear line is shown between those who are ready to accept the new energies, revelations and changes, and those who wish to stay in their comfortable lower vibrations and belief systems.

Upon the initial announcements, a part of ensuring that you know that we do indeed come in peace and do not wish to conquer, will be explaining that we have sent our ambassadors to the leaders of the most powerful countries of this world, and offered them the chance to, through our help bring abundance, prosperity and peace to all of humanity. A part of the initial announcement will have to be letting you know that the leaders of said governments refused to grant you abundance and world peace, numerous times. The dark did not want these revelations to be shared in the beginning and in our various negotiations with them, they have expressed tenfold that they did not want such truths brought before you in the initial announcement phase.

However, as we have explained to them, through their propaganda about us through media about ‘alien invaders’ it has been so sewn into the heads and hearts of humanity that when extraterrestrials arrive on Earth, then they must naturally be said to be ‘alien invaders’. As such, we must ensure that humanity realizes that while there has been an influence of negative extraterrestrial beings on this world and these beings have brought into influence and power the dark ‘elites’ on this world, we of the Galactic Federation and many other Galactic and Universal Lighted organizations do not let them or their energies on or around this world anymore, and the various extraterrestrial races apart of the Galactic Federation who are working with the ascension of Earth, are certainly not such ‘evil invading aliens’.

Unfortunately for the elites, a part of ensuring this is letting humanity know that we have offered peace and abundance to this world for generations, and your leaders have refused every time. So, many people are going to be very mad and upset. This will only be the beginning in a series of revelations that we have anticipated are going to flare up humanity and have a lot of people very angry. A few other revelations in this ‘list’ are the revelations that many if not all of the prevalent diseases on this world were in fact engineered by fringe scientists, either enslaved by the elites or ‘legally’ working for them as a part of the military industrial complex of the United States that so many hard working souls’ tax dollars are funding. We do not anticipate that humanity finding out that they essentially paid for the development of various cancers as well as AIDS and many, many other diseases, is going to be an easy ride.

People are going to be upset, and this will be a very trying time for humanity where our collective and in many cases, individual resolve will be tested to its very limits. Much disinformation will come to the fore, some of it again involving religion and armageddon -based end time theories, and much of it will be ‘New World Order’, ‘Illuminati’ and ‘alien invasion’ related. The most prevalent and believable to the general public disinformation will concern the armageddon and end time theories, as the dark have sewn the seeds of the ‘2012 armageddon’ theory and fear into many peoples heads. Again, the line will be drawn between those of us who wish to believe such fear based preachings, and those of us who know exactly where these ‘end times’ are taking us.

Those of us who have already awakened and will have a clear knowledge of where this planet is heading, it will be our job to spread and share our Light and truth with humanity. The initial announcements will go a very long way in explaining that we of the Galactic Federation are not evil alien invaders, and that we have in fact been working to help you find the abundance and peace as well as the higher vibrations that you as a collective have been denied.

Things are going to feel different in this time ahead. Things are going to change, in dramatic and substantial ways. I (with the guidance and intuition of our Galactic brethren) have only shed light on a few of various happenings that will be occurring whenever the extraterrestrial presence is disclosed, which will of course lead to the various other truths that humanity has been kept from knowing and remembering.

This energy, this newly manifested and new feeling energy will begin to be felt when the initial announcements and resulting inevitable turmoil occurs, and when we are past the initial time of fear and struggle, we of the Galactic Federation will begin our landings and tours of our various starships and motherships. We have many Earth Allies stationed on the ground, some incarnated into the rich and Lighted families working to free humanity that have been heard about from Wilcock and Fulford, some like myself who have walked-in or otherwise made their way to Earth to hold the line for those still currently unawakened, as well as provide guidance and Love from our own hearts as well the hearts of the ascended beings in which we are in contact with, and some who are holding positions in governments around this world, as well as souls who will come to the fore to be elected in the bests interests of the people.

Ron Paul is one such soul who will be holding a very high, Lighted position among the world government (NOT New World Order) to be established, but then again, so will each and every soul on Earth who wishes to be a part of such temporary governments! I say temporary because we are moving into ever higher realms and states of consciousness, and in a very short amount of ‘time’ governments will not be needed. Past the times of fear, this new energy which will have been established by you all on Earth who in many cases will be radically shell-shocked out of a long slumber; this new established energy will be felt in all of its bounty and glory as we of the Galactic Federation help you all to run your world together, as a collective in ways that grant abundance, prosperity and peace to all, as well as harmony and overall good times amongst all!

All of us who have chosen the ascension path over the path of fear and old energies, will begin to open up our telepathic and etheric abilities and take them to newer and purer heights. Those of us who are already developing our telepathic abilities will find in a very short time our communications with the Galactic Federation and other ascended beings expanding exponentially, and this will be because of the aforementioned newer energies being felt by all and established on Earth, more fully than they even are now. You may notice that already many souls are channeling guidance daily or near daily, as well as giving commentary and offering all of ourselves to the ascension of Earth and to this preliminary educating of humanity before the big revelations come to the fore.

In the short amount of time between the initial and continuing announcements, and the time of actual  landings and showings of motherships and starships, channeled information will come to be known and recognized by the mainstream, and many souls out of wish for more knowledge and for some, desperation and a further wish to find more information to find out if they should be ‘afraid’ or not, will begin researching for themselves channeled information and information from the Galactic Federation, who will be named in the initial announcements. It will be brought to the general public’s attention that the Galactic Federation as well as many other Lighted souls and organizations have been speaking to humanity for quite a while, through their telepathic communications with incarnated members of the various Universal Lighted organizations.

This acknowledgement and admission is what will drive many souls to begin searching for channeled messages to gain more knowledge of these matters, matters that they would have laughed at and labeled as impossible before. Many sources may not be personally named at first as for the most part humanity will be able to find these messages and sources easily, but I have my own opinion of a few select sources who may be specifically named in the beginning, including SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey and Laura Tyco. That is just my own opinion though, and has not been reflected or confirmed by the Galactic Federation allies with whom I am speaking about these matters. Many websites that have brought these ascension, extraterrestrial, and illuminati-exposure-based matters to the awakening public through daily news and updates, will become main outlets for the Galactics and Spiritual Hierarchy to bring their news through.

Many souls who have been running these websites for the purposes of disseminating this information to the aforementioned awakening public will find their websites and abilities to bring information to the public expanding. Many will be offered the chance to bring news to humanity through television, and media will be returned to its honest nature. Those souls who have been getting this information out to the people of Earth for so very long will find themselves in increasingly influential positions, and those souls who are ready to spread their knowledge and truth with the entire world and indeed the entire Universe will be granted the opportunity to share their knowledge and Light with all of humanity, that is all of humanity who has chosen Love and ascension over fear and the lower vibrations.

The ‘testing’ period if you will, will come to these souls when the initial announcements are made and humanity initially reacts angrily and fearfully as we are expecting them to. You and us who are ready to share our truth and Light with all of humanity, will be given the chance when the initial announcements are made. We will have the choice as to whether we wish to use our knowledge, truth and Light to calm those around us who may choose to react fearfully, or whether we wish to quietly sit back and not share what we know for instilled fears of rejection or ridicule.

I have been writing this for quite a long time as I come to the conclusion of this article, and this information has been the product of much discussion with and insight from my (our) own sources, allies and fellow brethren in the Galactic Federation. With all that has been covered, we have still only scratched the surface on what this immediate period ahead is going to be like. While we find ourselves in this current ‘time’ we are inhabiting, it is the job of all of us who are awakened, of each and every one of you who are reading this message and myself as well, to do our best to prepare ourselves fully for this time ahead.

We are going to be so very busy and things are expected to be hectic for a short while as humanity undergoes its final collective duality-based tests, trials and tribulations, but the new energy coming through which will be fully established upon the arrival of the announcements and humanities reaction to such announcements, will establish the grandest and most pure energy gates that humanity will have the supreme pleasure to behold. With these energy gates’ manifestations will come the Master energies which are to unlock the aspects of our DNA that have been kept locked away in our genetic blueprint.

Are you ready? 🙂

Wes Annac – Incarnate Representative of the Galactic Federation and the Pleiadian High Council.

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