Benjamin Fulford – Update – 22 January 2012

Hi Ben, I trust this finds you well?

I have been told that the recent ECB bailout was via the Feds suggesting that they still have the finger on the ponzi trigger. Can you comment on this?

There are also rumours that Japan are going to shutdown all their nuclear reactors within a matter of months. Can you confirm this?

Who are the White Hats whose blog entries started again this week?

Sincerely xxx,

answer by Benjamin Fulford:
There will be a press conference on the 23rd about energy in Japan. We will see what they say. The White Hats group are a well meaning group who are working towards the same goals as us. We know who they are.
The Feds have announced trillions for Europe and tried funding many times but they cannot because they do not have any real money to do it with. The real money in the world is mostly in Asia and the Asians will not lend to the West until they are included in a fair way in the “global” structures set up by the Western powers after World War 2.

Benjamin Fulford



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