John Smallman – Saul – You Progress Heralds The Beginning Of Something Truly Wonderful – 22 January 2012

The enormous and vital changes in attitudes and behaviors occurring across the world are leading all very positively into a never previously seen awareness of how each one of you affects everyone else.  This is a giant step forward for humanity, bigger than any previous increase in your awareness, and the first of many to come.  This is a time in which to be proud of the progress you have made, in the certain knowledge that it heralds the beginning of something truly wonderful that has been in preparation for eons, and that is now starting to bear rich fruit.  Look around, see the changes that are happening everywhere that will bring great benefits to all, and know that you are divinely loved and taken care of in every moment when you choose to see and accept what your Father offers you constantly: Love, the creative energy of existence in infinite abundance*  All that He has He provides you with, ceaselessly.  Reach out, take hold of It, and create with Him and through Him the infinite, spontaneous joy that He wants you to experience and revel in eternally.  You know you can do this with Him!

As you await this momentous event, the Light of your Father surrounds you, bathing you in the brilliance of His Love, and ensuring that you have the strength and determination to continue on your assigned paths which will bring you unerringly Home to Him.  Your awakening is assured, guaranteed, inevitable – in fact, unavoidable, because it is your Father’s Will and yours that by so doing, you return to your natural and eternal state of union with Him.

Assistance from those in the spiritual realms envelops you at all times, and when you ask for help you have it instantly so that you cannot falter on your path. Look with love, acceptance, and compassion on all of humanity because, as you very well know, each one of them is a beloved member of God’s family, utterly deserving of that from you, and always offering it to you in return, regardless of anything to the contrary that you may seem to be experiencing in the illusion. Only Love and its many complementary aspects exist; anything that appears to be in opposition to it is hallucinatory, so disregard it.  Offer only love, and determine to see only love.  In this way you will be helping all along on their paths to awakening.  Frequently, an individual’s path is experienced as very lonely and painful, and the compassion you offer will help to dispel that unreal image and strengthen and intensify her determination to come Home to Reality.

You are – because you are divine beings – the children of God: enormously powerful and capable, and naturally inclined to give a helping hand to one another as you make your way homewards.  Some appear to need a tremendous amount of assistance because they seem to be almost totally unaware of their Father’s Love for them.  Nevertheless, everyone working their way out of the illusion has their Father’s divine Flame burning within them, and they cannot fail to find their way Home.  When you help one of those who seems so lost and frightened, the love, acceptance, and compassion that you offer them also helps you greatly because, of course, they are just alternate aspects of yourselves.  All are one – so each one’s pain affects all, and each one’s joy affects all.  By sharing your love and your joy, and by comforting anyone who is in pain, you help all move forwards along their paths to awakening.

Everyone wants to awaken.  However, a very small percentage of humanity is still not ready to admit this to themselves, and continues to engage in unloving behavior in the mistaken belief that it is for the best.  Show them compassion and love regardless of how unloving their behavior appears to be.  These seemingly lost and confused souls will find their way Home eventually, and your love and compassion for them provides them with essential assistance.  When they finally accept what is offered, they will come Home.  All are loved, all are saved, all are God’s beloved children, always and forever.  None are excluded because God, Love, is infinitely inclusive.  Anyone’s sense of worthlessness, sinfulness, or unacceptability is a completely misplaced aspect of the being they identify as themselves in the illusion, and will be dissolved when they allow themselves to be bathed in the infinite balm of God’s Love.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Channeled by John Smallman

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