Spacemuffin’s Astrology – A Glimpse Of Things To Come – 22 January 2012


There is a New Moon in Aquarius on January 23rd, the day that the Year of the Water Dragon comes in. This will be a powerful, but subtle Dragon, swimming in slowly when the Sun and Moon are aligned in the early degrees of the water bearer…….lots of water and air energy. Mars will be stationary, just about to go retrograde again, so all energy will hang in the balance, and we will feel as if we’re holding our breath. This day will be a crossing over.

Mars will be in an earth sign and can go retrograde all it wants, it will only hamper the energies of those who are still bound to the lower energies. Those who no longer live in the illusion of conflict will more and more find themselves exempt from the negative Martial energies which have prevailed to create a battle ground on our beautiful blue planet.

Saturn goes retrograde on February 7th, the ringed planet of karma, restriction and hardship. But now that the energies of humanity have tipped more than 50% towards the light and towards LOVE, this hardship will only be felt by those who have made earth a hardship for others, and now their ‘karma’ must be visited upon them. All will be well for the rest of us, who no longer respond to negative planetary energies, having slowly ascended past the dualistic frequencies of these celestial power houses, who have always presented humanity with a choice.

On March 11th, Mercury will go retrograde, further disabling the dark ones from being able to ‘talk’ their way out of things and they will find that their ‘hiding’ places are entirely removed and they will be completely immobilized. The backwards motion of this little planet of communication and short journeys, will completely ‘lock’ them into one place with knowhere left to hide and knowhere left to go. Hermes will no longer deliver their evil messages for them, or do their dirty work, and they will lose their ability to tamper with our internet and media. It will be game over. They will also lose their perceived allies, and those working ‘below’ them will no longer choose to perform their dark deeds.

While Mercury is retrograde, our media will be chaotic. From March 11th to April 4th, expect utter confusion and conflict between opposing media and their reportings, as internally, they will be going through a ‘change over.’ The controlling parties ability to manipulate these channels will be suspended, and the resulting confusion will ensue because the reigns will be steered by the media networks themselves, or others who will have taken over control. It will be dicey until Mercury goes direct again, but we must expect ‘leaks’ to begin at the time of Mercury’s perceived retrogredation. Our ‘communication’ has been controlled, but now, ANY NEGATIVE planetary energies must be felt by those who remain in NEGATIVE states, and this can no longer include those who have chosen, and who now live in LOVE.

That’s right folks, negative celestial energies are on their way out for those who choose to release them from their lives, and we are free to work with the positive and helpful energies of our great celestial brothers. This last month of fully direct planetary motions, has given us the opportunity to choose, and also ‘fine tune’ our dedication to the light and anybody who didn’t bother to do this, and who persists in the 3D illusions of conflict, control, greed and drama, will feel the coming retrogredations more strongly. For those who have chosen ascension, and LOVE, we’re on the home stretch. The times when earth experiences absolutely no retrogredations from other planets is not very often, and it won’t happen again until January 30th, 2013! So take advantage of this last week of it!

We just need to sit back and watch the castles crumble, and possibly a few more of our own might need to burn down as well, if we’ve been trying to hold on to stuff that won’t serve anymore. But that’s not all – Pluto, the great and mighty ruler of our 8th sign of Scorpio, goes retrograde on April 10th and then we will see the power shift big time. Pluto is the the planet of uncompromising force and strength, and ANYONE using power to control others on earth, will feel the ground shake beneath their feet in a way they never before imagined.

Pluto is far away, and moves slowly, so before it goes retrograde, and for a time afterwards, it will be ‘stationary’ which means it will appear to ‘standstill.’ So for about 2 months, it will barely move. This will ‘suspend’ power in all the wrong places and further create an immobilization for those who sought power over others. During it’s time of retrogredation, ‘power’ on earth will be up for grabs, so to speak. Whoever thought they had it, won’t have it anymore. Worthy leaders will be appointed, but there will be confusion in the interim. Expect a dramatic change in the power and attitudes of our police and security worldwide, as well as our military and people in suits with guns. They will collectively choose to serve a different cause and help to break down the crumbling castle walls of those who are losing their power and control over humanity.

During retrograde Pluto, the re-structuring will take place, and in September, when it goes direct again, a whole new power structure will be surfacing and the new governments will be appointed. In June, when Neptune goes retrograde, anybody who is still trying to pull the wool over their own eyes is going to have a rude awakening, or maybe just an awakening! In July Uranus goes retrograde, so complete chaos may occur. What fun for us lightworkers and starseeds. This is when our jobs will really kick in.

Are we all pumped now? Good. Cause we’re getting our planet back and it will all be worth it in the end.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles……..

The Muffin

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  1. sounds great Spacemuffin 😉 I thoroughly enjoy reading anything that degrades those nasty evil thugs