Steve Beckow – Three Days Of Darkness – This Story Has Legs – 22 January 2012

Every so often the story goes around that we’ll have three days of darkness before matters conclude on or before Dec. 21, 2012.

A sense of alarm and panic ensues. Emails roll in. People scramble to comment on the matter and the alarm and panic dies down for a while.

Admittedly the real story of these end times is hard enough to accept – ET/UFO disclosure, the fall of the dark, Ascension, etc. But the addition of events which appear to have no basis in reality complicates things. Where does the story of “three days of darkness” come from?

It stems primarily from passages in Exodus, Joel, and Matthew. Exodus 10:22 says:

“And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven; and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days.”

Joel also touched on the subject of three days of darkness in 2:30-1 (and Acts repeats the statements in 2:19-20):

“And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.”

And Matthew 24:29-31 relates:

“Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: “

And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

“And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”

These three passages from the Bible, two from the Old Testament and one from the New, are what fuel predictions of three days of darkness. The theme has been taken up by other commentators of the “end times.” Here for instance is a native writer who relates a story her grandmother used to tell and calls it “Three Days Of Darkness, A Mayan Story.”

“My Granny was scolding we children when we was very young… she told us we knew nothing of the challenge of the darkness. She said when she was very young, she and all the people woke up to no sun. She said she was so frightened for it was very dark without the sun and also too cold. She told me and my brothers and my sisters and my cousins that we take too much for granted, that we take for granted the sunshine and the moonshine, but that we would never do this again when we had lived through the three days of darkness.

“Granny said that the elders knew right away what to do in this time of no sun and no light. That this time had always been prophesied by the elders and had happened many, many times before. The wise people always prepared for this darkness by saving the old tortillas (corn tortilla chips). And so the elders began to build the fires, for the fires must be lit or the darkness can drive some to madness. And the people began to pray together and sing together and burn the tortillas together for this is the sacred food that the Gods desire. Granny says that the smoke of the tortilla carries the message to the Gods to please bring back the sun.

“My Granny said that when the people become too wicked, when we forget to worship the Gods and have respect for all life, that the Gods block out the sun to remind us of the sacred ways and the importance of worship and of gratitude for life. She said that for three long days, the villagers prayed and prayed and prayed together and to cease their hunger, they not only burnt the tortilla but also ate it. She said that the h’men (the shamans) would begin to get excited and happy as they felt their prayers being received and then the darkness would lift. She said in her time it took three long days but that she had heard stories of the darkness taking longer to leave. She said the Gods only return the light when enough people were praying in earnest.

“My Granny said the darkness would come again because it always comes, because the people always stray far from their Creator and must be reminded time and time and time again… My Granny told us to behave well with good intentions. She told us this story to keep alive the memories and the knowledge of what to expect and of what to do. And so right now I save my old tortillas and I gather my firewood and I prepare my children and grandchildren with the stories because my body tells me that the time is almost here.” (1)

From time to time, New-Age or fundamentalist sites shout that three days of darkness will descend with some expected celestial event, such as the closest pass of Elenin. Here are two examples:

2011 SEP 26-27&28 The TRANSIT of ELENIN – Elenin will pass between the Earth and the Sun for 3 days, this could be the “Three days of Darkness” in the Bible ! (2)


I’d like us to note that nothing happened with the transit of Elenin, or has happened around Niburu (Wormwood), YU55, or any other celestial event that we’ve seen in the past several years. Things have remained for the most part quiet even though there have been Sun and Earth changes.

Without the cabal causing natural disasters, we might have had a relatively peaceful time these past few decades. The catastrophes we’ve had come mostly from the dark’s ET-derived technologies.

It’s commonly thought that Drunvalo Melchizedek said that there would be three days of darkness and this snippet of conversation between him and Marie Alazon, recorded at the January 07, 2010 Earth-Sky Living in the Heart workshop in Washington, DC, is cited as proof. However nowhere here does Drunvalo actually say there will be three days of darkness:

Marie Alizon: During our previous interviews (December 2000 & July 2002), you did not seem as optimistic about what is happening in the world as you are today .

Drunvalo: I know we are going to make it because I have been allowed to see into the future. However, even though I optimistically say “we make it” we are still going to pass through this little “eye of the needle” where it is going to look like it is hopeless. And they [my guides] wouldn’t let me see what this was – but something happens and what looks so hopeless turns around very quickly.

Marie: Is it like the three days of darkness that we used to talk about?

Drunvalo: No, this doesn’t have anything to do with that. It looks as if the outer environment we live in will completely and totally die, and everything in it. We are going to come to that stage. So it is going to look hopeless. My angels didn’t show me that part of it. All they would say is that you are going to witness in your life a place where it looks like it is just over. Then this “thing” is going to happen. And the world situation is going to be quickly and completely turned around. (4)

Drunvalo’s prediction of “the eye of the needle” is unsettling enough without an incorrect rendering.

Typical of people’s responses to this exchange is that of a participant on the Godlike Productions Forum who wrote of Drunvalo: “What’s up with that? Isn’t he the one all into the three days of darkness and what not?” (5) But you can see that he did not actually give that scenario in his comments, even if he did discuss a different one.

I would have thought the period of time around the Japanese tsunami, when we had earthquakes in various cities, snowstorms in the American midwest, typhoons, etc., all either caused or exacerbated by the dark, was perhaps as bad as it got for the world.

Whatever else Drunvalo may have had in mind is not known to me. And no destructive natural catastrophe looms for the world in any case, as numerous articles on this site discuss.

The subject of the three days entered oblivion again and re-emerged with a recent article by Inelia Benz, in which she said:

“There is a window during this year that might be forced open by the other side. If this is the case, it is really not something I am that concerned about. The window is called ‘three days of darkness.’ During this period the population will be strictly split between those who are still based on fear, and those who are heart centered. “

In my viewing, if this window opens, it will indeed provide an opportunity for the shift we experienced in August to manifest at a collective human level in a rather brutal fashion. However, billions of individuals have incarnated on the planet at this time, and for decades now (including you), in order to make the shift a joyful, smooth, and empowering one for as many people as possible.” (6)

We do know that there will be a time of separation in which those who’ve made the choice not to ascend will move further and further away from those who’ve chosen to. At some point the former will leave the planet, usually in a manner that we terrestrials understand, predominantly by illness or other natural causes. Those who’ve chosen to ascend will by and large ascend with the planet when it does (on or before Dec. 21, 2012). There will be some who ascend early.

Most recently Denise Le Fay took up Inelia’s comment and stated:

“Some of the possible stunts or attempts the Dark may try are like this Internet takeover business; quickly entering another war; the political insanity that’s been escalating over the years but will reach epic proportions in 2012; and/or the big hint Inelia Benz shared in her article “2012 Here we go!” In it she quoted only one phrase. She didn’t name names but if you’re familiar with this line and who said it and how long ago they did then the writing is and has been on the wall for a long time. Here’s what I’m referring to from Inelia Benz and what she quoted because I won’t name names either.” (6)

The only ones I can guess at who might have said this line (“three days of darkness”) long ago would have been the Biblical prophets. This then is a partial record of statements that there would be three days of darkness. What have our sources said about the notion that there will be these days?

Matthew Ward has denied it four times in recent years.

2009 “As for three days of darkness, from this vantage point, that could happen only if the sun suddenly leaves your solar system or some gargantuan celestial body positions itself so as to block the sun’s light from reaching Earth.” (8)

2010 “There is no validity to the notion that immediately prior to Earth’s entry into fourth density there will be three days of darkness or, as other reports have it, three days of burning sun.” (9)

2011 “There won’t be three days of darkness on the planet before Earth’s Golden Age begins. That three-day period is associated with the theory that the planet will enter the photon belt, and your planet isn’t going to be anywhere near that belt.” (10)

“Now that holiday observances are over and your thoughts are back into routine tasks, various misconceptions about the year 2012 also are back. Beliefs that the major reforms required to usher in Earth’s Golden Age cannot be accomplished in the two short years remaining are paralleling beliefs that darkness will continue right up until the end of 2012, then abruptly disappear. Beliefs that three days of darkness or some other dramatic occurrence will herald the beginning of the Golden Age.” (11)

Matthew refutes the notion unequivocally. I’ve heard no other comments from any other galactic, spirit, or celestial source, either pro or con, with the exception of Archangel Michael.

In an interview with him on An Hour with an Angel, I asked for his opinion on the matter. He denied the reality of the notion but said there would be a short period of darkness associated with Ascension.

Steve: And there’s questions like, are there three days of darkness…. Archangel Michael: There will be a period of darkness. It is very unlikely that it would be what you think of as three days. It is more likely to be a period of about, oh, 20 hours, a cycle of what you would think of as a day.

S: And what will we be doing in that 20 hours?

AAM: Well, some of it you will be sleeping. S: Uh-hunh? AAM: Some of it you will simply be — and we guide you strongly — be still. Be in your heart. Be in peace. Be with us. Be with those you love and cherish. But do not panic. (12)

So the Biblical prophecy of three days of darkness or a variation on that theme receives little or no support from reliable sources that we depend on – their reliability of course depending on whether you accept them as dependable sources or not.

Many people do not accept Matthew Ward and Archangel Michael as dependable sources. That’s fine. Time will settle the question there. I haven’t heard very many others from outside the circle of our sources state that three days of darkness are in our future either and supply a case that can be evaluated.

The mere mention of the phrase “three days of darkness” seems enough to excite fear in some quarters but there is no body of evidence that says that three days of darkness are in our future. In a more general way, perhaps people may be willing to acknowledge that of the many, many predictions of catastrophe – subtracting from them those deliberately caused by the Illuminati – not one of these predictions has come true. Matthew’s remarks of some years ago may be pertinent here and perhaps could be allowed the last say on the matter.

He makes them after listing all the rumors that persistently circulate around the Internet and denying all of them. “I may be forgetting some of the discouraging or fearful-sounding situations in reports that swirl around the Internet, die down for a while and then flare up again. We urge you, PLEASE do not give even an iota of your energy to fear! Yes, physical bodies will continue to die from all the causes occurring now and the souls will continue their evolution in spirit, but fear has NO part whatsoever in this eternal cycle of life!” (13)

“Our repeated assurances that NONE of those will befall you seem to fly out the window each time a fear-filled report makes the Internet rounds. The light will not permit any such reversal in its ever-increasing intensity, and Earth did not endure many, many centuries of the tyranny and bloodshed that caused all the negativity, just to have her current beloved inhabitants experience more of it!” (14)

On balance, then, I’d say that we have nothing to fear around three days of darkness, just as we have nothing to fear around the various other scenarios of doomsday, Armageddon, the apocalypse, etc. While we may have more struggle and hardship to go through before things finally settle down, there’s no reason to fear for the continued existence of the Earth as a whole. There is only a successful and transformative journey to a higher dimension whenever that occurs.


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