Suzanne Poulson Spooner – Message From God & Gabriel – 21 January 2012

God & Gabriel [Hello God & Gabriel.]

Hello Suzy, please post this message.

To the Light-bearers, Light-workers and Way-showers, You are the designated drivers for humanity. You entered this life aware of the chapters you needed to close and of the position you would hold as Earth ascended in vibration. While you finished many contracts and have awakened in this grand illusion, you have given love to God and the Creator of your origin.

Have faith while Gaia undulates in the birthing of her Higher Self. This is the noise, the sound, the tone many are reporting to hear. Give her love as she harmonizes with her birth. Gaia is a songstress and she is emanating to a tone discernible to those who are open to hearing her. Soon all will hear her sweet melodies often. In the swift tide of change, have your heart open and you ego in the lowest of functioning levels. Have quiet and peace and live in harmony with others.

This will be the energetic beacon of light you will shine in the most chaotic of moments. While others feel fear and uncertainty, your calmness will give hope. Be in your heart. Let your imagination run wild with happiness, joy and gratefulness. Focus on love. In this very special year, be the master of your destiny. The love that supports you is immense. Find your center and only think positive. We are beside each and every one of you. In your heart know this is true.

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