Daily Archives: January 23, 2012

Lee-Anne Peters – The Beginning …… Sent With Love – 23 January 2012


After such an intense four weeks, which felt like much longer than it was, the energy is starting to pick up as we start to really get our heels into this monumental year. Since the December Solstice in 2011, the energy has been scattered, we have become unhinged and stuck in a holding pattern. Many have experienced such different energy than they have ever been used to; exploring depths of pain that we thought were long gone! We have learned to get more in tune with our body, knowing that if it is simply not motivated, then we have other things to do or allow. Many of us lost our bearings while floating around on the wide open sea. We have experienced tests and the insecurities of others. We have travelled deeply into ourselves and wondered how on Earth we could ever bring light into these areas of darkness. But we did it, we proved how strong we are, how resilient we are, that we have tools and resources to help us and we passed the tests! Continue reading