Spacemuffin – When “Bad” Things Happen To “Good” People – 23 January 2012

There isn’t a single event, or earthly occurrence, experienced by humankind, that wasn’t previously ‘agreed’ to. I would like to talk about our ‘contracts,’ or as I like to refer to them as, ‘bad deals made in the spirit world.’ The most difficult concept I struggled with, and other Astrologers struggle with as well, is understanding how freewill fits into the ‘contract,’ and how Astrology works in deciphering these deals, made out of body, and out of time. People have so often asked me, if they have free will, and can ‘change’ their future by their own actions, how can anyone predict anything? Well, it’s simple…………….sort of…….. 🙂 First of all, we have to grasp the concept of the contract itself, and not just understand it, but BELIEVE it to be the absolute truth, minus freewill of course, which we are given to ‘respond’ to the events which we agreed to experience.

The contracts made in the spirit world, or astral realms, are made with great complexity. Our guides, spirit counsellors, White Brotherhood, and a whole slew of Angelic hosts are ever present when our bodily lives are being orchestrated and agreed upon. Why do we want to experience 3D? Three reasons, primarily: to learn, to help, and to work off karma from previous existences. That’s simplified, but that is substantial enough for now. Throughout our many incarnations, we acquire ‘negative’ karma and ‘’positive karma, and I use these terms loosely. The ‘good’ karma, we are rewarded for in any lifetime; but the ‘bad’ karma must be ‘met,’ as well; this is universal law. No action comes without a reaction. Some karma is met in the same lifetime………………some must be met out in the next, or sub-sequent lifetimes.

While we are in the spirit world, we are eager to incarnate; we are eager to ‘sign up’ for more; we want to achieve higher levels of consciousness; we crave to reach for higher dimensions of being. We want to ‘expel’ or ‘work through’ our negative karma, so we can advance. There is simply no other way. In fact, while these contracts are being drawn up, we often ask for more karmic ‘meeting out’ than is actually possible, but our guides are careful to not let us take on more than they think we can ‘chew.’ Such is our desire to progress. Sometimes we are granted the opportunity to take on a great deal of karma, especially if we are fortunate enough to be granted a life on a planet that is ascending. 😉 So the ‘events’ which we agreed to experience, whether of a positive or negative nature, WILL happen, and the memory is wiped clean, and we are born again.

Our parents, our environment, our social and cultural and financial surroundings, are all carefully chosen, to reflect our inner conditions and there is no randomness in that, none whatsoever. This ‘grid’ is perfect and nothing happens by chance. But our Creator never threw us here without help, or divine guidance. He never intended for us to travel blindly through this illusion. There is help everywhere, but earth life has been made very difficult to ‘navigate,’ due to the theft of vital information coveted by corrupt religions, and the general problems which we experience here, which we are more than aware of. That’s what makes this planet so potent for growth: it’s the most difficult illusion to ‘wake up’ from. And if we can ‘make it’ here, we can probably make it anywhere.

So we come to Astrology, the greatest form of delineation given to humanity and to our planet. Since earth was created, since man was created, the planets in our solar system have been our guideposts, have circled around our Sun, and have reflected our reality back to us in profound ways. Notice how I said ‘reflected,’ and not ‘created?’ These planetary energies are in fact OUR energies, and they are delineated in the birth chart. The planets are our ‘map.’ And how these planets continue to ‘transit,’ or affect this birth chart, is highly revealing, in terms of forecasting the ‘events’ of the karmic stuff that we have contracted to experience. If you look at the line in the picture above, you can see the glowing orbs along the line, which symbolise these karmic event which we agreed to experience.

But what is of the utmost importance, in this, or ANY lifetime, is how we RESPOND to these event. And this is called FREE WILL. Here’s the stumbling block: Why do ‘bad’ things happen to ‘good’ people? Just because we are ‘positive’ and ‘loving’ in nature, in deed, in thought and in word, just because we play our cards right, and fight the good fight, and try so hard, and give so much of ourselves, doesn’t necessarily mean our negative karma has been met! As a matter of fact, the exact opposite is in most cases true! The more our guides believe us to be able to ‘handle’ negative energies, and the more ‘they’ are convinced of our ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy, the more karma they will allow us to take on, in any given lifetime.

That is why it may appear to some of us, that no matter what we do, we seem to ‘lose out’ in the end, and this attitude is very damaging to our energies and to our continued growth: because energy is everything, and emotional energy is potent and declares to meet more of it’s like kind. In short, to react negatively to a ‘seemingly’ negative event, is to potentially fail to learn the lesson presented to us. It also reveals that we still don’t believe that we AGREED to this. Of course, this will then ‘attract’ more negative energy and then we begin to spiral downward emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually, and play the blame game, and battle with the higher forces, and forever ask that highly destructive question: WHY ME GOD? Why you? Because you are becoming a MASTER and that’s why YOU agreed to be pushed to your LIMIT.

Because your guides thought you could handle it. But more importantly, because YOU thought you could handle it, and your guides agreed to let you. Because you KNEW that experiencing difficult circumstances, and working out delicate karmic issues, which are mostly of an emotional nature, would ultimately grant you the necessary emotional mastery to enable you to the move on to the next level. Those of us who consider ourselves to be lightworkers, or wayshowers have agreed, not just to help earth and humanity ascend, but to keep pushing ourselves beyond our limits, so that we can MASTER ourselves more fully, and react positively, to the events that we encounter, and deem to be ‘negative.’

In reality, there is no positive or negative: it’s all just learning I know, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but accepting personal responsibility usually is, and none of us are exempt. It IS entirely possible to ascend without fine tuning these qualities, but without emotional mastery, we will still ‘crave’ more experiences to further us along to higher dimensions. We can even ascend with some karma left undone, but to really rise to the highest levels and dimensions, is to ‘work off’ this karma while in physical reality, where we can once again experience the ‘school’ where we can strengthen ourselves through repeated testing. Progress is infinite and if we are susceptible to negative emotional and psychological states, how can we, as MASTERS, assist those on other planets? And this is what we all want to do: help others. I have much more to add, but that’s good enough for now.

When life gets me down, I often say to myself: ‘No more bad deals in the spirit world, okay?’ But the reality is, when we’re ‘up there,’ we beg for more opportunities to challenge ourselves. And that’s a reality even I have a hard time accepting. Face piles of trials with smiles.

The Muffin by Wes Annac link to article published 22th January 2012


One response to “Spacemuffin – When “Bad” Things Happen To “Good” People – 23 January 2012

  1. What does it mean to feel negativity toward yourself when you fail? If you are “awake” and you are faced with a karmic challenge, but you fail to control yourself and you act out the ego’s desires as commonly happens, how can one not feel negative about that? Is the trick to be careful and try to conquer your ego the next time a similar challenge arises? What if one fails very often, or almost always, but yet this person is “awake” and wishes to do good? Has this person bitten off more than they can chew or do they simply need to continue on with the intention of improving and never give up, never committing suicide? I think suicide is not a planned part of anyone’s contract and it is usually done because one has failed so much one feels there is no hope and they are not making progress.