Lucas – As We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For, It Is Our Task To Act Now – 24 January 2012

The water dragon breathes the new energies upon earth. We will open up to the new spirit energy that will bring our creators wish forward for us to unite with him and mother earth in the new 5th Dimensional planes and higher dimensions.  We are on our way.

The new challenges are great as you all have or could not have seen beyond your limitations due to many reasons. Some are bound to soul contracts and live that what the have to live. Others just  find their ways in exploring the new gifts given.  Others still are awakening  from the inner- battle of duality. Leaving the fear factor behind and knowing the fact that all is well and no shortage is present as  abundance of the source is always yours.

Be you. Be what you are. Nothing is wrong or right . It just Is. The staircase to completing  ascension is for everybody a personal voyage. Though we are all interconnected as we all are One. One with All that is. Know the way you go is right even if you have failures, disappointments, bad experiences. See them as learning curves on your road. You take that what you have learned and leave the rest in the past and then stay in the now. As All is now.

For a helping hand is to find in every corner. Above. Below. Beings of light are ready to help as you summon them. The help is sometimes not that what you expect as the beings of light have to honour the soul contracts as also free will choices. Also they handle or give that what is for the highest good for all in the creators way. Even your own peers, family and friends are acting as the mirror  of yourself as duality is always attracting opposite forces when not in balance.

Key is seeking to balance out all negative and positive opposites to come to the real point where you make contact with the peace and harmony that it brings. No judgement. No criticism. No hate. No Fear. No Separation. Just see all opposites and unite them and feel the energy leveling out. The heart is where you balance centre is. The time now requires you not to think with your mind, but feel and think with your heart. As you do you will connect with your divine higher self.

Remember also your connection with your physical and energy body with Mother Earth as it is your anker. Be always attached to the grounding forces of Earth. As you do both grounding and connecting via your heart centre with you higher self you will connect both forces and align all. Do not think all is easy or happening in a blink of an eye. It is a process you have to work at. But as told before you are not alone.

The time has come to ask of you to concentrate on your positive and loving thoughts towards the things that need change for the better for all mankind. See Disclosure unfolding in your thoughts in the now. See the abundance manifesting all over the world in the now. See the negative and dark forces vanish from Earth.  See the help of our lightbeings surrounding us manifesting. All systems, belief systems, rulers and companies, kings and queens that not represent the good for all mankind  but only power, control, greed and negative assets for their own hidden agendas are evaporating in those positive thoughts of love and light.

As we are the ones we have been waiting for, it is our task to act Now.

Love and Light,


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