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Claudia Coleman – Tips For Transformation – February 2012 – “Discerning the Truth” – 25 January 2012

On the path of ascension, one of the qualities we agreed to master and apply in every aspect of our lives is discernment. Recent studies have been published in the mainstream media indicating that natural vitamins are harmful to our health. Few people question the source of the studies, who funds them or the motivation behind them. It has long been a poorly kept secret that the pharmaceutical industry seeks to control the profitable natural supplement market. What better way than playing into peoples fears by casting doubt on a natural food source product. It’s important to know that natural vitamins and minerals are concentrated components of the foods we eat, used safely by holistic health practitioners for many years to overcome nutritional deficiencies, to help restore optimum health in conjunction with a whole food nutrition plan, and for old souls on a path of ascension, to help increase cellular frequencies. Now, more than ever, the old energies of power and greed are attempting to exert more control over us by keeping us in a state of confusion and uncertainty. Using discernment, an intuitive heart-based quality, will keep us more balanced and confident on the shifting sands of change.

Until next month. Be well. Claudia.

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Greg Giles – A Message From Melina Of The Ashtar Command – 25 January 2012

Hello, I am Melina, and I would like to share a few words with you through our channel Greg today. I am a female officer of the Ashtar Command. My command involves the procurement of space travel related equipment and supplies. These articles are necessary for certain types of our craft to travel through space. The supplies are shipped to awaiting frigates where I then command our ship to rendezvous with the frigate and transfer the goods to our ship’s storage holds. This equipment is vital to our mission and must be delivered at regularly scheduled intervals to allow us to maintain our ship and carry out our duties.  Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Opening Of The Next Portal – 25 January 2012

I knew the energy of this new moon coupled with the intensity of the sun with it meant something big… hell I could feel it all in my body, and it was exciting. But without the first morning connection/reading… I would have never in a million years understood what I do now.

My first reading of yesterday was for someone I never read for before that lives in New Zealand. Phew baby, she should have come in with a warning! I got fried before I even started… which is sooooo exciting. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – Judgement Adds To The Pain And Confusion Of The Illusion – 25 January 2012

The awareness that something big is shortly to occur is rising into the consciousness of nearly everyone on Earth.  And so it should!  You have been praying and intending to awaken for a very long time, and now the progress you have made is becoming visible all over the world in the form of people’s concern for the well-being of others.  It has been a long journey to arrive at this point in your spiritual evolution, and from here there is no going back.  You are all set to continue, and your progress is accelerating as you become ever more aware of your divine spiritual essence and of your desire to be truly Yourself – the being of infinite value and integrity that God created eons ago. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heavenletters – Hearts – 25 January 2012

God said:
How beautiful are My dreams of you. You come before Me as visions I have had. I see you clearly now, yet you do not see yourself. You may not even see yourself as beautiful. What a pity that is, for you are the apple of My eye. It would be good for you to know this, and to know this as true, that you are beautiful, more than beautiful. You are beauty itself. This has to be true, for you are made in My image. I do not say this lightly.

Early on, it was drummed into you that you were not the marvelous being that I see and know. By people who had no sense of themselves, you learned to have no sense of yourself. What did you think you were? And what did you think you were not? Continue reading

Kerry Cassidy – Project Camelot – Skype Conference Call Live With Bill Wood (Alias),David Wilcock And Bill Ryan – 25 January 2012

Lucas: “Here is the link to the Project Camelot Skype Conference call  I have seen with Bill Wood (alias for protection), David Wilcock, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy this night 3.30 am European – Amsterdam Time Zone.  It has been very interesting even when Mike Quinsey’s SaLuSa message that came out after the live interview could be interpreted as if SaLuSa or Mike have been seeing the interview. It is about 3  hours of listening”.

Project Camelot interview 24/25th Jan.2012 (seen from which time zone you are in)  link to video Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Highlights State Of The Union Address- 25 January 2012

No, I could not find references to Disclosure in the State of the Union address, unless you consider as references the mention of innovations back-engineered from the Roswell spacecraft such as the silicon chip and Kevlar (1) or statements like “don’t let other countries win the race for the future.” 

So much of it testified to the relative powerlessness of the President to actually bring in decisive legislation that could impact the situation America finds itself in.  Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 25 January 2012

Like you we wait expectantly, knowing that there will be a breakthrough resulting in the first positive news about the pending changes. The timing is not certain, but we see no reason why it should not go ahead as anticipated. We cannot say more as we know how despondent some of you get when events do not materialize as you expect. It would otherwise please us to satisfy you by being more precise, but by now you should understand our reluctance to do so. However, as we often tell you, the most important aspect is how it all ends and it will most definitely be with Ascension. Whatever it takes is well within our abilities, and particularly as we have taken steps to stop the interference with our mission. Most of you will experience this year according to the reality you expect to carry you forward, but all that matters is the final outcome. Continue reading

Zingdad – Adamu – The Disclosure Issue -25 January 2012

Wow, I just listened to the best summary of all that’s going on, that I heard in a while. I get the feeling we’re being told the truth here. Adamu says that disclosure is very unlikely to happen, but Ascension on December 21 of this year is very real. Although it won’t mean ascension for everybody.

In the next phrase, Adamu also discusses the messages that we all know, where beautiful promises are made, but then they don’t materialize. I think it’s the first time that I hear a channeled being call this a “game”, although not necessarily with bad motives. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update From The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 24 January 2012

8 Muluc, 2 Yax, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We begin another message! Over the past few weeks, we have observed the difficulties experienced by those who have long bowed down to the dark cabal, when called upon to act in a new way. Our Earth allies deeply desire to bring this world to a new reality, and yet they continue to seek some sort of adequate redress for their former masters. We are truly astonished by this ongoing dawdling! The men and women of this ruthless cabal have brought your world to the brink of ruin, and indeed persist in this ruinous course, which is why the only recourse we can envision is to remove them. We remind our Earth allies of the vast pain and suffering endured by your world every day, and that it is time to move these scalawags aside and create a more beneficent world for everyone, but these appeals for a higher vision appear to fall on deaf ears in the group as a whole. However, Earth’s secret sacred societies do not share this lenient view: to them, the dark is an abomination of all things human and they desire to legally detain these ones as quickly as possible. This group is one we can more easily work with. Continue reading