Claudia Coleman – Tips For Transformation – February 2012 – “Discerning the Truth” – 25 January 2012

On the path of ascension, one of the qualities we agreed to master and apply in every aspect of our lives is discernment. Recent studies have been published in the mainstream media indicating that natural vitamins are harmful to our health. Few people question the source of the studies, who funds them or the motivation behind them. It has long been a poorly kept secret that the pharmaceutical industry seeks to control the profitable natural supplement market. What better way than playing into peoples fears by casting doubt on a natural food source product. It’s important to know that natural vitamins and minerals are concentrated components of the foods we eat, used safely by holistic health practitioners for many years to overcome nutritional deficiencies, to help restore optimum health in conjunction with a whole food nutrition plan, and for old souls on a path of ascension, to help increase cellular frequencies. Now, more than ever, the old energies of power and greed are attempting to exert more control over us by keeping us in a state of confusion and uncertainty. Using discernment, an intuitive heart-based quality, will keep us more balanced and confident on the shifting sands of change.

Until next month. Be well. Claudia.

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