Gloria Wendroff – The Heavenletters – Hearts – 25 January 2012

God said:
How beautiful are My dreams of you. You come before Me as visions I have had. I see you clearly now, yet you do not see yourself. You may not even see yourself as beautiful. What a pity that is, for you are the apple of My eye. It would be good for you to know this, and to know this as true, that you are beautiful, more than beautiful. You are beauty itself. This has to be true, for you are made in My image. I do not say this lightly.

Early on, it was drummed into you that you were not the marvelous being that I see and know. By people who had no sense of themselves, you learned to have no sense of yourself. What did you think you were? And what did you think you were not?

It’s good I’m here to tell you about yourself, how you are a miracle upon Earth. Not only a miracle yourself, but a miracle who sparks miracles until the whole world is miracle, miracle, miracle. Of thee I sing. O, how I love to sing of you. I made an image of Myself, of My Soul, and it is you. I do not speak of your looks or your accomplishments. I speak of you, the you that is I.

We take a voyage together, sometimes by land and sometimes by sea, and sometimes in the air as the crow might fly. We are something, you and I, although you are I and, therefore, not separate from Me at all. You are not really a mirror image. You are a replication. Not your body, but you, that which I call you, that which is My Golden Self in the guise of a human being. You are a being all right. You are My Being. On Earth, you pretend to be weak or sorrowful or hurt or proud or graced or disgraced when you are Myself, and I am Grace Itself, and you are graced and you can give grace to all those around you to as far as the corners of the world.

We speak of corners of the world in the same way We speak of you as a separate entity, for there are no corners to the world, and there are no separate entities. Jack and Jill went up the hill, carrying a pail of water. I, and the supposed you, go up and down hill, and We carry love over hill and dale, for We are love, and love abounds.

You are a miracle of love that may not know that he or she is a miracle and who, furthermore, makes miracles. Divine miracles, beloveds, divine miracles of love. The miracles are divine because they are made of love. There is nothing else to make anything of. All is miracle. From miracle to miracle, from love to love.

Are you seeing all the love in the world? Despite seeming opposition to love, there is love and more love, exquisite yielding love, love yielding more of itself, love saying Yes, Yes, and more love saying a quadrillion Yesses. Love wraps itself around the world and the Universe and around every heart.

Love is here to stay. Love is here to shine its light. Love is here to be taken into every heart. When everyone’s heart is true, what else is needed? You are My True Heart. My heart is with you. My heart is yours. We could say that My heart belongs to you. It belongs to you as much as it belongs to Me. Of course, My heart belongs to all. And that is the story of My heart which, also, happens to be yours.

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