Lisa Gawlas – The Opening Of The Next Portal – 25 January 2012

I knew the energy of this new moon coupled with the intensity of the sun with it meant something big… hell I could feel it all in my body, and it was exciting. But without the first morning connection/reading… I would have never in a million years understood what I do now.

My first reading of yesterday was for someone I never read for before that lives in New Zealand. Phew baby, she should have come in with a warning! I got fried before I even started… which is sooooo exciting.

Many of the original inhabitants of Lemuria made their way to New Zealand, and even today, their bloodline… their true DNA still lives.

When I started the connection to her. phew baby! I could see and feel something new in the field. An opening. It was not a vortex, no spinning funnel like energy, but the opening was clear and intense. It filled out most of what I call “the field” that high vibration 6th dimension we are all getting used to and learning to work and play within.

Well don’t dilly dally….

The opening of the 7th dimension is here!

Unlike how I see the 6th dimension, which is fibrous and tangible… the 7th radiates a clarity… an intensity… phew.

I could also see a whole new matrix of sacred geometry all along the massive opening of this portal. New codes, ancient remembering’s…

I could see her scale yet another mountain peek which presented itself on what I am going to call the other side of April. Thru our very short exchange (15 minutes) I was spinning so fast I swear I would fall off my chair… a solar wind picked up in my brains and words and sentences were hard to come by. It was/is truly exciting…. disorienting, but oh man….exciting!

So what does it really mean to us. Everything!!

When I had my 2nd reading of the day… and shared what just happened (my way of diffusing) the lady I was talking to asked some really great questions. Most especially… what about the people who don’t get any of this… are we leaving the planet or dimension…

Here is how I understand this.

We are NOT leaving planet earth. We are not disappearing from sight either. Not really. All of that has been done in the past, as was needed to raise the vibration of earth herself. She could not sustain even a fully empowered 6th dimensional frequency back then. So the masters of the planet, in its evolution ascended beyond our sight.

Mama is now fully capable of allowing the fully dressed spirit (dressed in a human suit) to play unceasingly in her glory!

But there is a small catch…. one I am really really starting to understand. If, and only IF, you want to live fully, completely in the higher fields of Love on earth…. ya gotta let go of your past. Period.

You are going to find, as you allow the fullness of this 6th dimensional field of energy engulf you… re-awaken you… everything changes. You can hear and feel so clearly everything that does not sing in your vibrancy any longer. Like hearing a screechy note that now hurts your ears. To remain in that noise takes away the field of your potential. To remove yourself from it…. Ohhhh my freakin god!

So you are not going to leave the planet, but if the fullness of your spirit is truly what your heart desires… you will leave the discordance.

But also with it all, comes consciousness. And I am not talking just understanding what is going on… that is not true consciousness… Knowing deep in your heart and acting according to that knowing.

To be so a part of the field that their is nothing else… and at the same time… everything else.

Ascension is the art of dying.  Truly dying.   Leaving ALL that got you to here behind and fully re-birthing yourself into the higher dimensions of Life.

I suppose I really understood that when I was in deep inner struggle to leave Virginia, my son and my precious grandson behind. I heard spirit say, if you were to die today… then what? I would be gone, taking with me only the love and lessons of that love back into the field of spirit.

I died many times in these last 11 years. Not once did it feel great to do. Freakin hard would be an understatement. But my God… the rewards… the fullness of Life beyond comprehension.

In my recent days and reflection of my journey… I heard spirit say “Life is always restoring balance to all life.” This includes, most especially… our relationships. Our relationship should always be, first and foremost with the Self.

I came to understand yesterday, that there are many with their foot within the higher fields of what I am simply going to call the 6th dimensional frequency… but if the other foot does not follow, then it remains a potential of what could have been.

For those willing to leave their past behind and bring that other foot fully forward with them… The true breadth and scope of Heaven is truly at Hand (and let me tell you, there is tremendous energy in that little phrase… and embedded secrets too.)

She had also asked a question about something she heard in her dream: The Moon is Imploding!!  Indeed it is/has.

This energy field… must happen within you.  You will not access it outside of yourself.  The ancient codes are YOU.  You must mine yourSelf.  Don’t go looking to walk someone else’s path… you are your greatest teacher, you have a brilliance within you.  You have brought treasures to this moment in time that is yours and yours alone.  If you never go within and fully discover them and USE them… they remain a potential of what could have been.

I would like to close this sharing with a beautiful gift from Jay… who turned the song of our Guardians into beautiful music… the song of our hearts awakening:

From the shores of New Zealand to the Sound of Music… Thank you!

In deep and utter humbleness within the grandness that is YOU!


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