Zingdad – Adamu – The Disclosure Issue -25 January 2012

Wow, I just listened to the best summary of all that’s going on, that I heard in a while. I get the feeling we’re being told the truth here. Adamu says that disclosure is very unlikely to happen, but Ascension on December 21 of this year is very real. Although it won’t mean ascension for everybody.

In the next phrase, Adamu also discusses the messages that we all know, where beautiful promises are made, but then they don’t materialize. I think it’s the first time that I hear a channeled being call this a “game”, although not necessarily with bad motives.

(12:30, part 2) “Many of the events you know about, where you were promised disclosure, or you were promised a great showing of ships, were really a game that was being played out between the service to other and service to self [groups] to either force their hand or bring your consciousness forward towards your own awakening. You see, this, your awakening, is the only way true disclosure will happen.”

I think this next part is the most important thing, and one that everybody should keep in mind for himself of herself from now until December 21. Because in the end, the jump that we make will be different for each one of us. And although a world of unity awaits for people who are of the light, we all make this journey alone. So, in my opinion, preparing for Ascension and raising our vibration is the only important thing from now on. It doesn’t matter what circumstances you’re in, because every choice that you make, counts. So I think we should just focus on being completely honest with ourselves and try to right what may still be wrong. So, be forgiving, loving, thankful, let go of your ego, say sorry to the ones you may have hurt in your life…in other words, focus on raising your vibration and convincing your soul that you’re truly ready for a life in unity consciousness.

(13:36, part 2) “What you awaken to, depends what you are telling yourself about yourself now, while you dream. The center of the window of opportunity, is, for some fairly complex reasons, the end of this year, 2012. And as you move forward, so it will become more and more powerfully apparent that you bring every experience that you have to yourself, by your choices, beliefs and ideas. As you do this more consciously, so it will be ever more powerfully apparent to you. You’ll be able to leave behind ones that are deeply disresonant with your own energy. And then the change will be done, and you will find yourself in a reality that is entirely resonant with your own vibration. And then you will see, what you know to be true.”

I think this message from Adamu is so powerful that it almost makes all the channelings that we publish on this site superfluous!

Well…maybe not quite 😉 But it sure touches on some things that needed to be said, in my opinion.

Here’s Adamu’s message, channeled by Zingdad from South-Africa. Much love and light to all of you –
Kees, GalacticChannelings.com.” first published 24th Jan. 2012

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