Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Greatness Is Yours – 26 January 2012

God said:

When you put aside the little smallnesses that occupy you, in contrast, what Greatness would you then be? I am talking about the thoughts you carry, how this one hurt your feelings, and that one didn’t do right by you, and all the echoes that occupy you so single-mindedly. Beloveds, if you would drop all thoughts like that and think about that which holds value to you and look into the eyes of those whom you are presently peeved at, what Greatness would you be?

What Greatness would the world be? Energy is not lost, and yet you put your energy on small things, little pin-pricks of society that amount to nothing, and yet you let these pin-pricks occupy your thoughts. If they occupy your thoughts, they occupy your life. So what if everything someone says doesn’t suit you? So what if everything some people do doesn’t suit you? So what, this and that? A crowd of thoughts mill around you, and you are surrounded by them, and your life feeds on them. What do you want your life made of? I know you want your life made of Greatness. Let go of those pesky little thoughts, and Greatness will be yours. Great thoughts yield great crops.

I know you want to be a great farmer of life. When you were a gatherer of berries, you didn’t look for the sour ones or the spoiled ones. You looked for the berries bulging with juice, the tasty ones, the ones worth gathering and sharing. Now your mind may travel to thirty years ago or a scene in your childhood that scratched your heart, and you pull it up again and again as if it had value to you when it has no value to you or anyone.

When I say to let the past go, I mean, “Let the past go.” Keep your thoughts high, and left-overs from your childhood will be gone from your mind. Keep your thoughts high, and you will have surmounted the past. No longer will it hold you back. Why would you let the past hold you in place when you are far more than you ever were in the past? Let the past be past. Yesterday, someone hurt your feelings. Must it be a big deal? Your feelings have been a hurt a lot, yet what is the point of it? If you are victim of circumstance, how can you be great?

A victim of circumstance is a twig in the water and has no direction of its own. You are meant to direct your life to Greatness. No one else can do this for you. You can do this. And you can do this simply by letting go of the little thoughts and think bigger thoughts instead. You don’t have to be what you have been. You can be what you want to be. You can be what I want you to be. Will you consider the thoughts I think and think them for yourself? What if you were God, what would you think about? Certainly, you can accept that you are God of your world, that your world, your life, is the extension of your thoughts? Think small thoughts, and what will you have? Think great thoughts, and what will you be? Never mind what others are. Never mind their foolishness, their tactlessness, their smallness.

You don’t like smallness, so why would you let smallness occupy your mind and heart when your mind and heart are made for greater things? Surely, you don’t believe that I made you for smallness. Surely, you will accept that I made you for Greatness. Start with great thoughts. Be a poet of a great life.

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